RSR Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge

Mount the RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge in plain sight on your Harley, preferably near the tach so you can correlate rpm / load/ and mixture strength for accurate tuning data whether it's for carburetion or for a RSR Fuel Injection System. The gauge is waterproof and shockproof and the display is visible in direct sunlight and dims at night. The gauge is of billet aluminum, hard anodized for corrosion resistance and has a 5/16" x 18 stainless Allen bolt in the center / back to provide a solid mounting point. You get to make your own bracket because it is impossible to guess where you are going to put it. The mother of all gauges. Dancing red, orange, green and yellow lights to keep you amused and informed...and a big red ultra bright 12V Dc warning lamp you can hook up to your oil pressure sending unit.