Indian Chief LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder

Indian Chief 00-1399 Dual Coat Black Ceramic with Black Shields

The Indian Chief is a "from the ground up" interpretation of the classical V-Twin, kept alive for over 100 years by Harley-Davidson, the sole survivor. In 111 or 116 cubic inch formats it's short on horsepower and long on clean sheet engineering. Indians are here to stay this time around after several aborted attempts to revive the marque.

Beautiful paint and chrome and true "Indian Heritage" styling it's a more modern interpretation of the classical V-Twin...This time around with three camshafts and some pushrods as straight as an Indian's arrow.

The OEM exhaust has little in the way of performance tuning. We've got that covered with a pure merge collector LSR 2-1 design. Maximum benefit with Stage 1/2/3 and larger throttle body (60mm) modifications past 130 horsepower. The Indian 2-1 exhaust, like other big twins, is the way to make the best torque and power.

Prices are on our Part Number Price Page. We build to order. Payment at time of shipment. Dual Coat Black Ceramic or Silver Ceramic with a choice of black or chrome heat shields.

LSR 2-1 Indian Chief Installation PDF.

Indian Chief Full Service Manual PDF

Indian Chief 2-1 Exhaust

Without the saddlebags. Four heat shields. Uncompromised ground clearance. High velocity merge collector with a 2" exit into a sound-cancelling muffler. Proven LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge Design with muffling. A pure race, uncompromised  design for street of touring. The Indian Chief 2-1 exhaust uses all of RB Racing's LSR 2-1 Black Hole and Pro Stock Spyder Technology.

LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder...No Ghost Pipe, No Slip Ons

Maximum power. Pure LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Design. No left side choked off or false muffler. Clean and purposeful  2-1 Exhaust design

Heavy wall tubing support for the left saddlebag. No compromise on ground clearance. Satin Black Finish. True 2-1 exhaust on the right side.

No heavy muffler, no ghost pipe. We simply go for maximum performance. The Indian Chief left saddlebag support bar is heavy wall steel and will securely lock your saddle bags into place in the exact same location as they were when they were sitting on top of the choked off left side exhaust.

The Indian Chief left saddlebag support bar is powder coated in Satin Black.

Indian Chief 00-1400 Black with Chrome Shields

Double Coat Black Ceramic (Silver Ceramic Base Coat). Ceramic coated heat shield clamps. Black Hole technology in a Pro Stock Spyder System.

Prices are on our Part Number Price Page.

Indian Chief 00-1401 Silver Ceramic with Chrome Shields

Prices are on our Part Number Price Page.

No Slip-Ons

No, we don't do slip-on mufflers. Every manufacturer rushes out to do slip-ons for the Indian Chief and then gives you a choice of machined billet end caps that do nothing for performance. We found out 30 years ago that end caps and baffles held on by screws fall out..The joke here in California was that they bounce twice and then go through a Mercedes windshield. We weld things.

There's another reason for this...Doing a true 2-1 exhaust for the Indian Chief is damn difficult. You have to get around the OEM design which features permanent die castings for the port flanges and the first part of the primary tubes that quickly morph into compound bends hidden under a close fitting, bolt-on, finned covers. Tight Tight Tight! We worked for several months perfecting the design and fixtures.

We don't do duals. We don't do slip-ons. We don't do bolt-on billet end caps.

In short we do not do phony.

Dual RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge: Indian Chief (12mm) O2 Sensors



Dual RSR O2 Gauge: 06-1003 Compatible with Indian OEM Delphi 12mm Mini-Switching narrowband sensors. Real world tuning while you ride...Observe and then make adjustments. Mounted permanently. Waterproof.

RSR O2 Gauge Billet Handlebar Clamp: 06-1025

RSR O2 Gauge Stainless Brackets: 06-1024

12mm Delphi Sensor Wiring Harness and Connectors: 06-1028 Required for either Open Loop Tuning (PCV, Dobek, Lloydz) or in OEM Closed Loop with factory reflashing.



We provide the hardware to splice and seal the Gray Signal Wire for output to our RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.  It is the only method to monitor both front and rear cylinders of your bike as you ride. Real world observations to perfect your tune in Closed Loop (above) or Open Loop (Seperate harness and plug). Better than a dyno which tends to overheat your motor quickly with differing loads in the real world and things like the air cleaner picking up elevated temperatures, and dyno exhaust emissions skewing your tune.

Our Dual O2 Gauges will work with or without DynoJet PCV units which effectively take both OEM Delphi O2 sensors out of the picture. An explanation of how the "O2 Optimizers" work is shown on this video. In the case of Closed Loop Tuning/Monitoring with ECM reflash we provide the splices.

PowerVision CX Units that allow you to monitor and reflash the Bosch ECM are available in narrowband and wideband variations. The wideband variation uses 18mm instead or the oem 12mm Delphi Sensors. We currently only supply the Indian exhausts with the 12mm Delphi bungs. 18mm is a special order exhaust. If you use wideband sensors we also make a Wideband RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge 06-1027. Reflashing the Bosch ECM with 12mm Delphi Sensors you use our RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge 06-1003.

Mounts....Roll Your Own or Buy One


The gauges have a center back mount 5/16" x 18 x 1/2" Stainless Socket Head Cap Screw and stainless lock washer. You can fab your own bracket for this or use the 06-1025 hard anodized Billet Mount System for 1.25" Indian Chief handlebars $49.95. Optional is the 06-1024 two piece laser cut 304 Stainless Steel mounting tabs for either near handlebar clamp or up the handlebar mounting: $9.95.

RSR Indian Chief Dual O2 Display Installation PDF

Indian Chief Wiring Schematic 2014-2016

2017 Indian Chief Service Manual (wiring page 640)

Indian Scout LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder

Available in Dual Coat Black Ceramic. Prices are on our Part Number Price Page. We build to order. Payment at time of shipment.

Kicking butt in dirt track competition in it's first year plus some trips to's new competition to the dominant Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Clearance for saddlebags with no heat issues.