Harley Turbo...1990's Era


For posterity here's what we were doing back in the late 90's. We've upped the ante on our newest designs.

RB Racing's Turbo Harley's chrome header with heat shields and polished billet inlet plenum dominate the right side of the bike. You can't even see the intercooler when you are riding the bike unless you bend over to look for it. Exquisite quality for even the most demanding show bike. All chrome and polished with black silicone hose connectors the unit "wraps" itself around your motor. It has been described as looking like a big block Chevy although it simply looks good to us.

There is a lot of technology hiding here: Closed Loop RSR EFi system; Intercooler that lowers inlet temperatures 75 to 150 degrees F; a non-directional large volume inlet system that lets the engine breathe; a bi-directional inlet breather/pop-off valve system; 56mm throttle body with four injectors; water injection integrated into the system; completely waterproof and grime proof electical system...and much much more.

Anyone who thinks you can just hang a turbo on the right side of the motor with a few tubes does not understand the correct theory and application of correct turbocharger engineering.