Eat Shit and Die

 You know who you are. You wear the mask of cooperation and friendship hiding a face of deceit, envy and frustration. You smile, you promise, you talk too much, you are in a hurry. It's no accident you have a saw in your pocket when we crawl out on the limb. To all of you...Eat Shit and Die ! To you, who surface everytime we come up with a new product or activity, find your place on our roster.

You go to Europe to race with us and conspire to copy our racing frames. You tell our suppliers we have authorized the release of proprietary parts to you. We airfreight you turbos and you never pay for them. You take our parts , copy them and then return them saying they were no good. We build prototypes for production approval and you have them copied by other firms or even better yet you sell them and never pay us at all. You borrow turbo kits from our clients, tell us you want to buy them but need tech info, then you copy the parts and tell the world you are the new savior. You order parts, stop payment, run your dyno tests and send us back beat up used parts. We sponsor your bike, tune your bike and find out our name is nowhere to be found on the entry or when the record is set. We go to the awards dinner when you set two world records after we spend thousands of dollars and driving thousands of miles getting the record and you don't acknowledge our presence. You remove our decals from our products when we aren't around. You set a 200 mph record and our name never appears on your turbo web page.

You order parts for a custom turbo application and get "investors" or "sponsors" money to order parts from us. We provide finished parts and raw parts for your own fabrication and to our knowledge you did nothing. You then demand we refund your money because your "investors" were going to have you "put in jail" and you said send the money and then you will return the parts. We said return the parts and we will refund for what has not been damaged or altered. You never return the parts. For the next decade you rant about what crooks we are. We keep our mouth shut about it and let you rant. Ian.

We find out you are advising people not to do business with us so we call you up and ask since we've never had any dealings with you it would be better to either keep quiet or call us up first before you spread rumors. We then remind you we know all of your three previous employers whom you left under less than favorable circumstances and also know people with whom we you know have had bad business dealings with. We invite you to stop by and discuss these issues since you are local. You decline. John N.

We contacted you to purchase some high end electronics because you were supposedly the local expert...And, since you were half an hour from our shop, communication should have been easy. There was no communication. Zero. We forked over the money and after five months of excuses and no delivery, mainly blaiming supplier issues, we made one simple phone call and found the parts we ordered were in stock  both in the Cosworth USA and UK offices.  A visit with the President and now CEO of Cosworth quickly cleared up things regarding your business and practices. A few more phone calls found a long trail of lies, excuses, overbilling, and non-delivery with a range of clients. Bad business practices and pre-payments to float a failing business. We took a partial refund after a deduction for some ill-fitting, subcontracted, wiring work and moved on.

You order expensive special order parts , and try to cancel the order after we have eight weeks of labor and thousands of dollars of parts tied up in the effort. You beat up our parts because some other custom part interferes and then return them threatening us unless we refund all your money. You call us up and demand we change our designs to your specifications even though you've never made any parts and aren't aware of the expenses involved. The race is over you steal the parts and head for Canada. Your "expert" hooks up things wrong and you try to blame us for your mistakes.

A customer says he’s going to build his own turbo and wants us to order him a turbo. He chooses the wrong one. We order it anyway. One year later he can’t get it done by conning his “friend” to do the work for free so he asks it to build it “his way”. We do. He then sees our design and wants it changed to "our way". We did. He also took it upon himself to take down the license plate numbers of three out of state bikes we had in our shop. He threw a fit when he saw we were working on bikes like his but not his exclusively. He tracked these people down and told them RB Racing was tearing up their bikes doing wheelies and loaning them to customers (the bikes were never operated) for the sole purpose of spite. The people came in unannounced one Saturday and pulled their bikes and tried to sue us for not finishing their bikes even though they had not paid. They also wanted additional work done for free and even told us they would take our fixtures back to Colorado and build our parts for us. They announced they were going to “own” our business. They got nothing, zero, zip, from us. We were out eight weeks labor and fabrication. We let the original customer, Mike Chestnut, ride his ZX-11 RB Racing Intercooled EFI Turbo around the block and then disabled it as he was moving to Tennessee. He was amazed how “perfect” it was. We told him he could have the missing parts when he owned up to what he had done and pay for any losses we had. He was a coward and did nothing.  He sold the bike to a friend of ours to avoid dealing with us, who paid us for the missing parts, getting a $17,000.00 motorcycle for $6,000.00.The bike ran 210 mph on it’s first pass at Maxton. The seller, Mike Chestnut, was there to see “his Bike”.  Last seen after collecting a large insurance settlement for being run over by a double dump truck/trailer in California, Mike was chroming parts for pinball machines in Gallatin, TN...Does he have a chrome he doesn't. We were happy to hear later on that he lost his left leg in another motorcycle accident..and were glad it was his left shifter leg. Acting as a middleman for chroming is safer than motorcycles for him.  He used to laugh about how he was charging people $400.00 to ground one wire in a GPZ750 turbo ecm. Cosmic pinball got him. Karma. In the finality of this "whats goes around comes around" Mike hit a turkey vulture on a motorcycle in 2016 and was killed. We hope the turkey vulture survived.

You call us up to complain about a product that is not ours. We explain we have nothing to do with it at all. You tell us you are filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, a complaints board, and various national internet communites. We suggest you go back to school, take a course in logic, learn about decision matrices and figure out that, if we are not part of the equation, we have nothing to do with whatever you are talking about. We then get a phone call that offers to clear our name in this matter for $1,000.00. Ha!

We give you 5MB of software, 40 pages of instructions and you think screaming at us will cure your inability to read or study. You run leaded fuel thru the O-Sensor then complain to us that: a. Your O-Sensor is "bad". b. Your bike runs poorly. We give you free this and free that totaling about $3,000.00 and then you stiff us on a $50.00 bill to cover the shipping. You build billet parts, call us up wanting to sell our exhausts...We lend you some parts for photography and testing and you never call us or return our calls, then copy the parts and refuse to either pay for or give back the missing items...Money is your God and He can turn on you faster than you think.

You order a specialized racing exhaust. We advise you it will be too loud for street use and that one of our regular exhaust systems with a baffle would be a better choice. You insist. We ship..You run the exhaust, put it on two dynos looking for magical horsepower and do not find the "117 Horsepower you think you should get"...on a basically stock motor. You whine and complain about how you did not get what you thought your expected 117 Hp...We ask you if the bike runs better, faster and is more responsive..You say "Yes". We ask you if there are any complaints about fit or finish...You say it was "Perfect". We tell you to send the damn thing back as we don't want you to have our product...We tell you you flunked the I.Q. test when you paid $25,000.00 for an 80 horsepower 850 lb motorcycle. They are just air pumps and unless you modify them from the piston crown upstairs they are just not going to make large gains in power...Certainly not a 46% gain over stock. Ask Jerry Branch, he went through that more than 30 years ago searching for the 100 hp 80" EVO. Born every day.

You order $1,350.00 worth of parts on package deal for $1,100.00 and 1 1/2 years later you call us up wanting a full refund on one of the parts you never used...We keep records. You don't return the prom dress after the prom. You call up thinking we don't remember who you are because it was 5 or 10 years since you last surfaced...and we remind you of what happened before.

We support your racing projects for 25 years spending very large sums of money and even more than that in time. You then tell us something we that cannot mention and we simply remove all of our technical support and specialzed turbocharger $20,000.00 control systems. You now get to face your own limitations and learn to pay for things. Bullshit and rose colored visions of the past do not cut it.

Your bike is going to be in a magazine and you are really going to help us! Ha! EAT SHIT AND DIE!