Motorsport Wiring Harness Diameter Calculator for Mil-W-22759/32 Wires

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MIL-W-22759/32 wires
are the predominant specification for motorsport harnesses...a bit thinner than 22759/16 specifications. In laying out your harness documention the number of wires in each branch of the harness can be easily determined. It gets a bit complicated with various splices for analog, digital and chassis gounds as well as 12V and 5V splices. Calculating wire bundle diameters this way saves a lot of guesswork.

27500SB shielded cable is typically used for cam and crank signals.

Twisted pairs are just two wires.

In choosing Raychem shrink products like DR-25, ATUM, and SCL tubing as well as Raychem molded products like boots, it is helpful to have an idea of the harness wire bundle diameters. It gets expensive ordering the wrong parts. 222K152-25-0 left above.  202K153-25-0 right above. ProwireUSA has the full line of Boots and dimensions and suggested Raychem Molded Boot for specific connectors.