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Steve Chapman's McClure Burnout (468 K)
K1200 RS Turbo 5psi Rush Hour (2.2 MB)

Steve Chapman is an East Coast professional photographer who has covered AHDRA, IDBA. NHRA and other events for the last ten years.

Jim McClure was a 19 time National Champion. He passed away in 2004.

The new K1200RS Turbo is capable of 350hp @ 24 psi but is shipped set for up to 15 psi which gives a respectable 255 hp @ 9000 rpm. For the daily commute here in Southern California we turn the wastegate down to its minimum setting of 5psi. This video gives you an idea of what a BMW will do with only 5 psi.

K1200 RS Turbo Virtual Tour (2.1 MB)
ZX-11 Turbo "Enjoy Nature" (3 MB)

The only way you can see any of the parts is with the body panels removed. Access for normal servicing is unaffected and the ceramic coated muffler is well away from the inside of the left saddle bag. With the body panels in place there is no hint of what lies beneath. Bob Shammas gives us an "Enjoy Nature" tour through the rose colored windscreen of his RB Racing ZX-11 Turbo. Bob apologizes for any insects or low flying objects damaged during the filming of this segment.
LSR Nitro Duals (2 MB)
Maxton at 202 mph (1.2 MB)

Stick to the basics: LSR Chrome Nitro Duals on a 96 Inch S&S engined Fatboy. Two inch primary tubes taper to 2 1/2" tail sections tuned for maximum power with cnc machined Turbo Venturies. See them, hear them and watch them in action. Ron K. is the man. Bob Shammas on a shake down run at 202 mph on his ZX11 Turbo. East Coast LSR racing on an abandonned air strip.
Bob George Streamliner (4 MB)
Bob George Streamliner (5.1 MB)

Bob George is the designer of the world record holding Jammer and Easy Rider streamliners. He and Dave Campos still hold records at Bonneville. This is Bob's last liner effort.
Streamliners are an arcane art form and testing them or learning to drive them is something the public has never seen. Watch Leo Hess being coached by Bob George in the Millennium Falcon.
Mike Geokan Bonneville (4.3 MB)
Turbo Suzuki Bonneville (4 MB)

Mike Geokan's record holding 200 mph street legal Harley is your basic 255 hp fuel injected intercooled bar hopper. See Mike pursue his dream at Bonneville. RB Racing Suzukis started the stampede of the modern 16 valve sportbikes hunting for and breaking the 200 mph barrier. RSR Fuel Injected, intercooled, and turbocharged, these bikes hold all the official records.
Top Fuel (12 MB)
Maxton 2003 (3.2 MB)

Competition Motorcycles' 2002 maiden season from initial runs to the season finale in Las Vegas where Jack Romine piloted the new bike to a 6.95 @ 196 mph run. Watch Bob Shammas prepare for his record setting 218 MPH run with his 997 CC Kawasaki. Titled Michigan to Maxton, Bob shows what it takes to get in the record books.
Black Hole Muffler K1200RS (3.9 MB)
Grinnall K1200RS Turbo

Watch Ron K. take a K1200RS through its paces on a deserted street. Note how the sound really does not change between 2000 and 9000 RPM. In the real world with traffic and other noise, the bike draws no attention whatsoever. With larger injectors and a ram air system, the faster you go, the more power you make.
Edits: Short (3.9 mb) | Long (17.7 mb)

Mark Hobbs is the quintessential enthusiast who has the determination to see a project through to its completion. If don't know what a Grinnall is, this is your opportunity to see one in action with a 275 hp RB Racing K1200RS Turbo system.

Top Fuel Woodburn Oregon (9.3 MB)
R1100S Black Hole (2.1 MB)

Watch Steve Heidner take his first rides on Competition Motorcycles' Top Fuel Harley. Stripped for testing injector and fuel system upgrades. 16% gain over stock. Listen to idle, cruise and full throttle operation.
K1200RS Oil Test (3.9 MB)
K1200RS Turbo (3.9 MB)

K1200RS: Turbo is beneath sump so RB Racing's "dry sump" oil scavenge system must be checked in the installation phase. View oil flow and scavenge results. Watch a K1200RS Turbo in action. 190hp with water injection and Black Hole Muffler Technology.
Bakersfield Win (3.6 MB)
Las Vegas AHDRA Finals(9.6 MB)

Competition Motorcycles scores its first national AHDRA win at Famoso Raceway. Watch a Top Fueler from warm up to qualifying and get an idea of how sudden death means just that. Nitro and Elvis.
Death of a Top Fuel Bike (10.2 MB)

Watch Steve Heidner get blown off the bike at 208 mph in Phoenix AHDRA qualifying. Steve lived to tell the tale and is now a member of the "200mph Without a Bike Club". Competiton Motorcycles is rebuilding.