Motorsport Wiring Harness Parallel Splice Calculator for Mil-W-22759 Wires

This calculator computes the diameter of your 22759/16, 22759/32 or Spec 55 splice wires so you can choose the appropriate Molex Parallel Splice


 22-18      1.5mm
16-14      2.3mm
12-10      3.3mm
8              4.2mm
6              5.8mm
4              7.0mm

Enter Number of Each Size 22759/XX Wire

28 Gauge
26 Gauge Wires

24 Gauge Wires
  22 Gauge Wires
20 Gauge Wires
18 Gauge Wires
16 Gauge
14 Gauge
Splice Diameter: mm

Molex Versakrimp parallel splices are tinned copper non insulated "shorty" splices from 22 gauge all the way up to 4 gauge. These splices can be used in many configurations including inline (wire to wire) or as and end splice where you bring several wires together at a single point to terminate them all together. We recommend using SCL adhesive lined heat shrink to cover these splices.

A readily available crimp tool is the Sargent 4235 CT crimper for splices up to 8 ga. For larger 4 ga. splices we recommend using the Molex Manual crimper 19294-0008 (will also work on 8 ga. splices)

We use AMP 49935 (22-18 / 16-14 / 12-10), AMP 69363 ( 26-24 / 22-20) and Rennsteig Hex crimp tools for Prowireusa Molex Parallel Splices. 


Above: Example of splice planning. Here we are using two parallel splices to connect to 17 Analog Grounds with a Pectel SQ6M ECU.

Here we have ten 22ga (22759/16-22-30) wires into a Molex 12-10 Parallel Splice sealed with 1/4" x  3/4" SCL heat shrink. The Parallel splice was crimped with an AMP 49935 Ratcheting Crimper position 12-10. Insure the insulations are butted up against the entry of the parallel spice. We strip past the end of the splice and trim the wires. Lightly pinch the SCL flat with pliers or with your welder hardened fingers if you forget to grab the pliers.