Bonneville Salt Flats

Mike Geokan




Fear is white and alone. Alone you are with your fear. Comfort in your fear, an old friend. From a long time ago, you traveled together. Fear was green and brown and dusty. Today it is white and it is the same. Old friends, they meet again. Comfort in familiarity. A moment of peace, then action. Here we go again.


In the finality, success finds glory, a fleeting moment where many appear, full of emotions, to share in the moment. A long journey marked by pain and suffering and fed by determination. A fleeting moment and alone you are again. Memories piled on top of a distant past. The pain is never forgotten but slowly fades in this frozen moment of time. Alone in the glory. Warmth. The pain subsides, then reappears.

Bonneville is a beautiful surreal place. You are the colored billard ball in cosmic game of pulling the tiger's tail. How many times can you hold it wide open and come back in one piece? Mike Geokan has been coming back since he was a kid to pull the tiger's tail. While you are sitting comfortably in front of the boob tube imagine what it's like to be on the line, just you and a black strip leading off into a shimmering white nothingness...and the starter Bob Higbee (2003 deceased) says "Whenever you're ready". Are you ready?

To see Mike's new project take a look at his new Bonneville Bullett. Follow the Odyssey from conception and construction to final assembly to it's maiden vovage at Bonneville.

Finally the Bullett makes it back to Bonneville where it makes it's shakedown runs at the Bub Meet and Bryan Stock gets it qualified for Long Course at the World Finals.