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Harley OEM and RB Racing Fuel Injectors


2006 models are 3.91 grams/second. 2005 and earlier are 4.35 grams/second. The 25 degree CVO injectors are rated at 4.89 grams/second. 5.5 grams/second Screaming Eagle injectors are available from Harley-Davidson. Harley Davidson has a service bulletin on injector swaps for earlier models.

Keep in mind that an injector will never flow what it is rated statically. Injector duty cycles should not exceed 85% at peak horsepower.

RB Racing Bosch High Impedance Injectors (above) rated at 236 hp or 328 hp at a duty cycle of 80%.  Used in our Harley Turbo Kits and in big inch motors. Direct insertion into stock fuel rail/throttle body. Two or 3 Bar Map Sensors required with Delphi or aftermarket ECMs.

9.3 Gram Injectors (236hp): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $295.00 (pair). 03-1014. In stock shipping.

12.9 Gram Injectors (328 hp): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $395.00 (pair). 03-1015. In stock shipping.


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