RSR AIC400 Additional Injector Controller

Don't rip out the factory stuff

The RSR AIC400 is the answer to fuel control on fuel injected vehicles that employ turbochargers or superchargers. There is no need to rip out the factory fuel injection or emission equipment and there is no need to "reprogram" the stock computer. The OEM i.e. the factory that designed the power train has spent millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to get your vehicle to run perfectly as possible under every imaginable condition...why in the hell would you try and outsmart them. Trying to reprogram your stock computer is a huge waste of time and money with no guarantees of success in spite of what others will tell you. A practical consideration is the need to have full OEM emission gear in place for smog checks...with the AIC400 you don't have to reprogram anything or go digging around in your garage for all the emission crap you ripped off in your quest for power.

RSR AIC400: Custom Programmed for your application

RB Racing's RSR AIC400 simply augments your factory fuel injection by adding 1 to 4 fuel injectors to meet your engine's turbo/supercharged needs. The AIC400 is custom programmed for your application based on six parameters: (1) Your maximum vehicle rpm; (2) Your stock peak horsepower (you can supply a Dyno Chart); (3) Your expected peak turbo/supercharged horsepower; (4) Your vehicle's fuel pressure (Note: no rising rate fuel regulators ala Cartech etc.!); (5) the number and size (use injector calculator and injector list below) of additional injectors you wish to run (1 to 4). (6) Whether you need a 0 to 10 psi, a 0 to 15 psi, or 0 to 30 psi system.

When you order your AIC400 simply add comments answering these six questions. For you to play around with the numbers we have created an Excel spreadsheet AicWeb.xls that you can download. Fill out and email back to us the completed spreadsheet and we will custom program and ship you the RSR AIC400 set to your specifications. Our experience after 30 years of this is that people do not want to fill out anything. In that case we cannot help you.

Technical Issues

Fuel pressure has to track manifold pressure in a forced induction system, i.e. fuel pressure has to remain constant relative to manifold presure. In vacuum the pressure will be lower and as boost rises it will rise with the boost pressure on a one to one basis. If your fuel injection system does not reference manifold pressure you are going to have to change your fuel regulator. If you do not change the fuel regulator as the boost rises you will get less and less fuel delivery.

Do not use the incredibly stupid large diameter rising rate regulators that a favored by the technically impaired. These large diaphragm regulators exponentially increase your fuel pressure as the boost rises virtually insuring your fuel curve will be absolutely incorrect everywhere except one tiny little point...anything above or below this pressure ratio will be absoluely wrong. Fuel injection has enough variables to deal with and the correct method is to keep fuel pressure constant relative to manifold pressure. We have seen more blown engines from incorrect fuel pressure and stupid enginnering than we care to mention. Just remember, when that injector "opens", it "sees" the manifold pressure.

Four fuel maps and a trim knob

The RSR AIC400 has four user selectable fuel maps and a +/- 10% Trim Knob...all of which can be switched or adjusted while the vehicle is running. RB Racing will custom program your AIC for your vehicle's specific requirements and with the switchable maps and the Trim Knob you will be able to go ten percent above or below these levels in a vernier fashion. Simply use the RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge to quickly set your vehicle for a perfect maximum power mixture.

Sand Rail pictured above with a Hayabusa engine and a large Garrett GT Turbo with water injection...600 rear wheel horsepower with RSR AIC400 controller, 3 Bar, programmed for four 06-3650 (650cc) injectors.

Ready to go, not ready to blow

The key to the success of the RSR AIC400 is that it is a digital microprocessor based system that does not rely on a series of analog based potentiometers or slides to "guestimate" you fuel needs. By the time you figure out one of these glow in the dark wonders you will probably damage your motor, or simply go bonkers over the five to seven adjustments they present you. How people expect you to accurately set these with any form of "repeatability" is beyond us!

Your RSR AIC400 is shipped to you with an absolutely correct fuel curve based on the five inputs. It will be shipped with the switches set to the middle of the range, exactly to your specific hp requirements. In order to evaluate your fuel needs we suggest you purchase one of our RSR Billet Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges, without which it is impossible to evaluate engine conditions in "real-time".

AIC activation can be displayed on our Air Fuel Ratio Gauges by connectiong the L.E.D Warn light to the purple wire of the RSR AIC400.

2 models: 15 psi, 30 psi

RSR AIC400s are available in two models: (1) 2 BAR [0 to 15 psi] Turbo/Supercharged; and (2) 3 BAR [0 to 30 psi]. In addition to the AIC you will need to order a wiring harness for 1 to 4 injectors and either a 2 BAR or 3 BAR map sensor. If you need to order injectors we can supply the 1 to 4 high impedance

Supports 1 to 4 (12-16 Ohm): 236hp and 328 hp Injectors

RB Racing Bosch High Impedance Injectors rated at 236 hp or 328 hp at a duty cycle of 80%.  Used in our Harley Turbo Kits and in big inch motors. Direct insertion into stock fuel rail/throttle body. Two or 3 Bar Map Sensors required with Delphi or aftermarket ECMs. Typically we use just one injector in our applications.

9.3 Gram Injectors (236 hp @80% Duty Cycle): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $295.00 (pair). 03-1014. In stock shipping.

12.9 Gram Injectors (328 hp @ 80% Duty Cycle): Come with 20 gauge 22759/32 Mil-Spec Wiring Pigtails. $395.00 (pair). 03-1015. In stock shipping.

AIC 400 Injector Size Calculator
Vehicle Description :
Additional Horsepower Required : (SAE)
Number of Injectors : (total)



Thoroughly proven, ready for you

All RSR AIC400s are housed in a billet, hard-anodized enclosure and come with waterproof weatherpack connectors. All wiring is automotive grade, chemical/heat resistant , O.E.M. spec . The billet enclosure has a red light emitting diode that flashes when the injectors "fire". The billet enclosure is 5" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" with two integral recessed mounting holes for 1/4"(6mm) Allen bolts spaced on 4.250" centerline. The RSR AIC400 can be mounted in the engine compartment but typically it is mounted where the operator can adjust it "on the fly"...on the dash, or someplace convenient. Produced since 1985, these units are thoroughly proven under all conditions and have been used in hundreds of critical installations. We have used them in our turbo kits for almost 30 years and only recently have we been producing them for general consumption. We have people call us up who've had their AIC400's on for over 100,000 miles!

Preprogrammed to save you time

The decision to provide "custom programmed" units is based on thousands upon thousands of hours of actual tuning. Our objective is to free you from having to make literally hundreds decisions and to get you running right away. After observing the results of other "well-tuned" after market units we came to the conclusion that we could save you a lot of grief by custom programming your unit for you. Fuel curves for your engine and specific turbo or supercharger require a lot of computations. It is not something you want to try to figure out when starting from "square one". You cannot program the RSR AIC400 yourself.

DIY and Engineering

If you don't have your facts straight just go past go, give up turbos or superchargers and go straight to the isle where they sell Playdough. It's safer and you can always redo things.

People call us up and ask if the RSR AIC400 will "work" for their applications. The obvious answer is that the device "works" but it has to be planned out in terms of things like fuel pressure, number of injectors, type and size of turbo or supercharger, compressor maps, expected peak rpm, stock horsepower, manifold pressure range etc. If you don't have this information then there is nothing we can do for you. We have a spreadsheet you can download, fill out and send to us...or give us the info otherwwise.

No facts and we do not do anything. Typically people do not want to do any thinking.

Typical Exchange:

Typical conversation on the telephone:

"I'm going to turbocharge my ZX-12...will the RSR AIC400 work?"

They work very well..what turbocharger are you using?

" (no answer)...I want to make 350 Hp...will it work?"

We do things like Hayabusa turbos that put out 600 rear wheel horsepower in sand rail applications...typically with four injectors for equal fuel the answer is yes, we can control 350 hp...Once again what turbo are you using?

"(no answer)...Can I run one injector and will it get fuel equally to all my cylinders?"

If we engineer something we do everything possible to insure that equal air and fuel gets to each cylinder...In that you are designing this, this becomes your responsibility...As to one injector covering the 350hp we can supply the correct injector size if you choose to run one injector.

" Do you know that the ZX-12's frame is the airbox?"

We are aware of this.

" How will this work for me?"

If you supply us the information we can program one of our RSR AIC400 units with one injector to cover 350 peak much boost are you going to run as we can program for 15 or 30 psi peak i.e. 2 Bar or 3 Bar?

" (no answer)...Why don't you do ZX-12 turbos?"

We did Japanese fours for over 25 years and the current expense of development does not justify, in most cases, the sales.

" I think you should."

If you were on this end spending the money you might think otherwise...once again if you supply us with the correct information we can set up a controller for you.

" Will I get equal fuel to all cylinders if I put one injector in the tube"

Once again, if you are building this then you have to make decisions as to injector number, placement is not a question we can answer. If you can provide us the information as to turbocharger make or compressor map, whether you want to run 2 or 3 Bar pressures etc., we can program a unit for you.

"You guys are a bunch of assholes...CLICK".

Get your info together and we can make it run