BMW K1200RS/GT/LT Exhausts

Black Hole K1200RS Exhaust: The product of intensive development. Nuclear weapon in a market full of "products". More air, more fuel, more power. Quiet operation, no repacking ever, no cops, no tickets. We built the first Black Hole mufflers about a decade ago and put them back on the shelf because there were other more pressing projects that were already in the "committed" category. That was then...this is now.

The exhaust mounts directly to the oem hanger and extends just past the license plate area.

Watch the video and see the Black Hole in action or scroll down the page to review the technology.

A complete systems approach to performance for your K1200RS that addresses inlet, mechanical and exhaust issues: Cold Air Ram system; upgraded fuel injectors and pressure regulator; and Black Hole muffler technology.

New End caps for 2005

Pictured here on one of our R1100S exhausts are our new end caps that we have been quietly installing on all K1200RS/LT/GT exhausts since March 2005. We never liked "snouts" so we changed them.


A lot of people demand Dyno sheets. We personally don't care about dyno sheets one damn bit. To give you an example in the 1980s, the 1990s and on into 2000+ we have concentrated on real world testing. If you real world something the correlation is 1:1. If you optimize in the real world then the dyno follows. We always win doing this whether it is Bonneville, El Mirage, Drag Strip or Dyno Shoot Out... Daytona, Mikuni or whatever.

We had a customer who set a record then decided to dyno things to improve for the next meet. After beating himself and his bike to death and eeking out improvements on the dyno he went to the next meet and promptly lost 12 mph. He reverted to his real world testing set-up and set a record at 181 mph. When we set BMW records @ 206 mph that was two blasts on city streets at over 150mph to check fuel ratios. Dyno time on a Superflow Dyno and on inertial dynos and the old, oil-dampened Patraco dynos was useless.

These days people have chip on their shoulders. They do not understand science or their own responsibility to tune things. In this world of instant gratification it a "bolt-on test and come to a conclusion" mentality. There is no science, no tuning, no understanding. Smokey Yunick would eat these people alive. Personally we like kicking ass, especially the asses connected to the loudest mouths.

We tested three K1200RS (1998 to 2004) bikes and they were all about 110hp.

Put on the Black Hole exhaust and they were all about 115hp.

Put on the injectors and fuel regulator and they went up to 125 to 126hp. None of this measures ram air, of course, as the bike is on a stationary dyno. All measured on a DynoJet. This chart showed three alternative fuel pressure below our optimized setting which was 125.3 hp on this bike. It seems to be in the 125 to 126 hp range on this particular Dynojet for 1998 to 2004 models.

With the Ram Air @ 9000 rpm in high gear you will have enough fuel delivery @ 13.2:1 for 150 crank horsepower.

We think this dyno stuff is a bunch of crap. Put on the full package and set your fuel ratio to 13.2:1 with our RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge at warp speed. This is all you can do. People don't seem to want to do this. Maybe they are scared of the speed. Maybe they are afraid of losing their licenses. Maybe they just want to talk. If you are a doer and not a talker give us a call and we'll show you how to win. Winning is everything. Whiners are a dime a dozen. Dynos suck.

And, remember, if you think all K1200's are exactly the same you are sadly mistaken. Real World it!

RSR K Series Clutches

Another weak point in K Series BMWs is the clutch. If you are performance oriented, or if you simply want a better clutch that adresses the OEM design's shortcomings, we have the solution. New sprung hub designs address these limitations.

Billet Fuel Regulators

We tell people to use the RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge to set your peak rpm fuel curve to 13.2:1 (last orange light). The bikes are very sensitive to fuel pressure and this is +/- 1 psi from where we set the fuel pressure. We have new Bosch Billet fuel regulators and we also sell fuel pressure gauges for shops for $75.00 that are dead accurate.

Some people just want to put on some parts and see what happens. The tuning business is a personal thing that you do not foist off on others. If you are not prepared to set the bike up correctly, then you should not bother with dynos. Whenever we do our setting in actual riding we cannot improve the results on the dyno by setting the fuel pressure +/- 1 psi.

In the real world we set the fuel pressure to achieve 13.2:1 at warp drive with the ram air system. At peak speed in high gear this equates to 150 crank horsepower BSFC .45 on our flow bench.

New Cloisonne Tags

Like in the adage "The relentless search for perfection" we have upgraded the logos we put on our LSR Exhaust Systems. Previous tags were stamped and formed aluminum with silkscreened details. The new cloisonne tags are a precision die struck brass, nickel plated, with powdered glass fired in an oven then polished to a jewelry finish. These are direct replacements for our older tags and are available for US $20.00 via US Global Express (foreign) or Priority Mail (domestic US). They come with black headed rivets and are riveted in place with a light coat of high temperature silicone (Permatex 598B) behind the tag.

Heat Shield for your Foot Area

Chrome heat shield supplements the oem plastic shield to keep your left boot from unwanted radiant heat.

Ceramic coated 4-2-1 equal length design that corrects the "too short" primaries of the oem system which has to sandwich a catalytic converter between the primary tubes and the large muffler section. Chrome heat shield augments the oem plastic shield to keep any radiant heat off of your left foot. Oxygen sensor relocated to collector portion of the header. Initial test pipes were constructed of 18 gauge tubing. This has been thickened to 16 gauge tubing in the production parts. Black Ceramic can be special ordered.

Arrows show the location of the chrome shield and also where the oem 4-wire oxygen sensor has been relocated.

Black Hole Updated 2009

We have continued testing the mufflers, trying out new internal dimensions on everything from big inch Harleys to the R series twins. We built some freer flowing cores for big inch Harleys and tested them on the R1100S and found the twin to be a lot quieter than we suspected. As a result we are now incorporating the larger capacity Black Hole muffler on the K1200 series as well. Testing never ends.

Black Hole muffler with virtually no backpressure. Stealth technology being introduced to allow you both power and quiet performance. Ceramic coated with a chromed heat shield, the Black Hole muffler is further away from your saddlebags and is maintenance free, with no need for any "repacking". We have increased the air-gap between the shield and the pipe for better insulation. See below:

The heat shield is farther from the bags than the oem exhaust system. The increased air gap further limits any radiant heating which is already reduced by the heat-insulating ceramic finish.

Stock Injectors are a Limit

Stock injectors are limited to 130hp at the crankshaft no matter how hard you squeeze them. BMW fuel limits all their bikes in the same manner...we know this because we manufacture fuel injection test equipment. RB Racing replaces your oem fuel-limited injectors with RC Racing injectors that have been calibrated and balanced to give you a very conservative 20 horsepower increase. On a stationary dyno we see on the average 125 hp or about 15 over stock. The problem with this is that bikes are not stationary objects.

Your left hand radiator fan shroud needs to have a 1" diameter (25mm) hole cut at the end of the slot that is used for the fan wire. Simply place a quarter ($0.25) and scribe around it then clean up to 1" diameter. This is to avoid any pressure on the shroud from the new fuel rail. Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the shroud. When it comes time to install the new primary fuel rail and upgraded injectors the shroud and the injectors will have to go in at the same time. You can't bolt either one in first. Once the injector and fuel rail and the shroud are in place you can replace the two allen screws that hold the shroud in place (3mm allen) as well as install the two fuel rail hold downs (5mm allen wrench).

Use a 7mm nut driver or screwdriver to attach the fuel feed line to the front of the fuel rail. There is a retaining clip in the center of the fuel line which attaches the line to the engine. This clip will have to be removed to allow the fuel line to go to its new position.

Use a 7/8" open end to hold the fuel rail while you tighten the banjo bolts (3/4" wrench). If you don't steady the rail with the 7/8" wrench you will ruin $400.00 worth of fuel injectors as they are just plastic and thin metal.

New Bosch Billet Fuel Regulators

We have improved our fuel regulators by using a Bosch Billet Adjustable Regulator. We use these in all our fuel system upgrades as well as with our turbocharger systems. More precise and better seats with a hardened and ground ball and socket design. Holds pressure better for smoother operation and more reliable low battery condition starting.

Part Number 06-1023 $195.00. Comes with integral 12mm x 1.5 jam nut for easy mounting.

Fuel System Basics

Fuel delivery and spray patterns are different than the oem Bosch injectors at the various milliseconds of duration and duty cycles. Combined with a new adjustable fuel pressure regulator (set by RB Racing) your fuel delivery curve has been completely altered from cold start to idle to wide open throttle (w.o.t.). Cold starts are cleaner, driveability is improved and closed loop operation is smoother. The system has been calibrated for an increase of 16% at w.o.t. at the stock rpm limit, or approximately 150 crank horsepower.

Of course you could spend $400.00 for a $3.00 eprom which won't make your stock injectors any bigger. If you are a person who likes to get something for his money you might want to consider the relative value of the eprom pictured above and the new injectors, fuel rail and pressure reglulator pictured above. Put the eprom in your right hand and the hardware we sell in your left hand and make a decision. If you want to see what is inside this chip, a 512kb SGS-Thomson part, feel free to browse with your favorite hex editor or disassembler. K1200RS.000

Some of you are so enamored with your previous expenditure on a $400.00 "chip" that you purchase our fuel system upgrade and attempt to use it with our new injectors and fuel rail. This is not going to work because this is not what we have tested...nor are we going to test it for you. We learned a long time ago that you are going to do it anyway, no matter what we say, so when things don't work out for you don't blame us.

The Tooth Fairy

We have people call us telling us verbatim that a "chip" supplier told them they would "gain 7 horsepower and 10 foot pounds of torque"...lo and behold the bike was no faster than before in rolls-ons against another stocker. Then the customer asks us if they get our fuel system upgrade and they go back to their "chip" supplier for remapping what would they gain. Like they say in the big leagues..."Fool me once....". We have no answers for questions like these.

Cold Air Ram System replaces the oem restrictive, convoluted, air inlet system. Based on our Bonneville experience we know you have to get "clean" air and use inertia to pick up free horsepower. The 63mm inlet tube is free of the convolutions and pressure differentials of the oem part and introduces a true "ram air", positive-pressure generation system at speed. The opening of the Cold Air Ram System is free from restrictions and it's effectiveness is directly related to the bike's speed. The oem air box is not sealed and bleeds off air through molded in "holes". The Cold Air Ram System has a custom molded silicone seal that positively seals the inlet tract. How much horsepower is it worth?...a bunch.

Cold Air Ram tubes headed for customer installations. High tech parts for those who want feel the burn. These have proven to be very popular items with the high sped crowd. Even at moderate speed the bike will feel more eager and smoother. You should use our RSR Air Fuel Ratio gauge to set your fuel pressure in high spped testing. Warp up to 150mph, look at the gauge and make a decision. All bikes are a bit different.

To monitor your system in real time a RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge is mounted on your handlebars in direct alignment with your tachometer. Every condition from cold start, to idle, to closed loop and full throttle operation can be monitored. Waterproof, visible in sunlight and auto-dimming at night, this is the best air fuel ratio gauge made. Billet aluminum construction and beautifully made...proven in every form of competition.

For those of you who like to control their destiny we suggest when you buy our fuel system upgrade that you purchase this gauge. Wound out at the top of third or higher gears you can instantly know if you bike is making the most power. With our fuel system upgrade you can set the fuel pressure for maximum peak power no matter what your aircleaner or intake system is. No, this is not something you should do on a stationary dyno. You ride in the real world, not on a dyno. For those of you who do not believe information is important, do not buy the gauge. For those of you who who want the best for your bike it will be a wise purchase. We simply test in the real world and when we correlate the real world to the dyno we get the best results.

When we real-world things and then go to the dyno we get the best results. It's a tuner's game.

K1200RS/GT/LT Exhausts In Production

Pictured above are K1200RS and K1200LT exhausts in progress. Both the LT and the RS bolt directly into their oem hangers with no ugly band clamps. LTs to the right in the photo above...RS models to the left.

On the left are the 4-2-1 header pipes with the leftmost pipe destined for a K1200LT. Photo on right: polished ceramic Black Hole Mufflers for the K1200RS with their ceramic coated stainless steel hardware and chrome heat shields.

Parts, parts, parts. Unlike some other marketers we actually make the damn things which means we get to spend all sorts of time cutting, welding, building fixtures, training employees and trying not to screw up. We don't get the luxury of complaining, skipping out on one supplier, and finding the next person to build our parts. We also have control over the process and can make changes in a heartbeat without having to wait for the boat to arrive from across the ocean.


Pictured above is our K1200LT Black Hole Exhaust. The rear muffler section is designed to slip directly into the oem rubber exhaust mount. The system is polished silver ceramic coated and with the Black Hole technology will give you a system that never requires repacking. Quiet power with no backpressure.

The K1200LT Black Hole 4-2-1 Exhaust fits neatly within the oem chrome shield and has the same chrome heat barrier shield as does our K1200RS exhaust. The LT exhaust is not angled up like the sportier RS model. Our newest designs have rounded end caps.

K1200LT Shop Manual in pdf format for those who do their own work.

Customer Feedback

"I thought I drop you a line and let you know that I received the exhaust for my K1200lt.  You packed it great .... it was bullet proof. I installed it myself.  It took me about three hours and it fit up to the head great.... but I am a mechanic by profession.. 

I was a little shocked the first time I rode the bike because of the increase in volume.... (a good shock)... a real nice kinda Porsche sound. I live in a part of Oklahoma with very little traffic and nice open roads.  Some Harley buddies and I took a ride today covering a couple hundred miles.. I was curious as to how my gas mileage was affected after installing your Blackhole Exhaust chips or anything.  My average mileage before my new sweet exhaust was 42.7 MPG at 65 MPH..   On the way home I set the cruise control and was pleasantly surprised to see my mileage @ 46.1MPG @ 65MPH.

I'm 51 years old and really don't have money to throw around.  I am very very pleased with your product.  Gas Mileage improvement and I think it runs better too... if not, it sure sound like it does.  And... I could still hear Willy Nelson just fine at cruising speed. Thanks for a Great American Made Product.


 Gerald Bridgeman 

Drumright, Oklahoma

 by the way... I'll be ordering the fuel rail and regulator set up when I save up a little cash... I'm a believer in RB Racing products now."

LT Technology

The LT has the smallest fuel injectors on the planet which severely limit the LT's potential. We have an upgrade for the stock system that can be shipped with our LT exhausts. A modified fuel rail and regulator scheme will increase your fuel flow 12% at wide open throttle and improve roll-on performance as well. This is something no "chip" can do.

We also have 11.5:1 forged pistons for the LT which will bump up the compression to RS territory.

If this isn't enough power for your LT stay tuned for our final refinements to our LT Turbo kits.


K1200 series BMWs are a logical evolution of the earlier K100 two valve powerplants but they remain largely a fixed equation of bore, stroke, compression, piston and camshaft design. All the wishful thinking in the world isn't going to magically transform the beast. We talk to people all the time who have spent a lot of money on exhausts, "chips", air filters, engine work and assorted oddities like minor airbox modifications....and they got little or no gains.

What we have done is alter the three elements of the equation that we have control over i.e. the inlet system, the fuel delivery system, and the exhaust system and optimized these and left the fixed parts of the equation in place.

Another element of the equation is the closed loop Motronic system which, unless you have an understanding of closed loop "tuning" issues, will cause you nothing but trouble because the approach is completely different from what everyone would think is right. You are not dealing with a carburetor and your target points are not the same. Wishful twiddling of BMW's carefully crafted plan will not change things and will most often represent a step backwards.

Logic has little place in today's consumer driven society. It is a casualty in our desire to scramble over the other person's back to a higher rung on an imaginary ladder.


The agony of decision making can drive a poor consumer insane..."What is the best?"...".."How does it compare?"..."What will I get, what will I gain?"..."When can I get it?"..."Will it work with my $400.00 chip?".."Can I get it in Black?"..."Can I talk to someone who has one?"..."How long have you been in business"..."I've never heard of you"... "How black is the black?"..."Why haven't I seen these before...where can I see them?"..."My bike is in the shop and I have to have the pipe by Friday or I'll lose my slot!"..."Is the silver as shiny as chrome?"..."Why don't you use dual mufflers?"..."Will it void my warranty?"..."Can I use the muffler I already bought?"..."Can I get titanium and carbon fiber!"..."I want 150hp!".

Right brain, left brain. Fear of rejection. Fear of being different. Social standing. It's all too much for most people to deal with. The Black's different...It works.

Look at the pictures, take the red pill, and start your journey. It's that simple. If you choose to call, as many of you do, be advised that for nearly 26 years we have been listening to the agony of decision making...We simply build the best parts possible and the decision is up to you.

Remove the Angst

If you wish avoid any decision and stay right where you are, just take the Blue Pill. If the journey for truth and power excites your spirit, take the Red Pill.

1st Generation: November 2003(Watch the Movie) Click on image

We tested several variations on the Black Hole muffler technology with both BMW and non-BMW riders to see what subjective opinions they would come up with. Based on their comments and our own testing we fine-tuned the sound quality to what we consider to be an optimum solution. The final design passed the "parked cop test" in an unplanned through the gears to the rev-limit 125 mph test...these mufflers will not be cop bait. It is not a test we wish to revisit. Remember, there is never any repacking of the muffler section.

The movie has the 1st generation muffler core which has been upgraded to a larger capacity model as a result of our testing on different platforms. We have been quietly upgrading existing systems. Progress never ends.

Prices have been posted on our Part Numbers page.

Contact RB Racing for information on this complete system and for information on other models.