BMW R100 Black Hole Spyder Exhausts

The Rules have changed

In the early 1980's through the mid 1990's we made thousands of BMW exhausts variously marketed by our distributor as "lifetime" slip-ons, porcelain coated 2-1's, and various sorts of fiberglass baffled parts with silly lips and cones. The attitude was "sell them what they want", not what should be made. We always keep our cards face down as it's a rough world full of "know-it-alls" who know nothing but love the sound of their voice. What the hell is a "lifetime muffler" anyway? Enough of this crap. You're doing a heck of a job Brownie! Words.

What you see here is simply the best BMW R100 Racing exhaust that can be made. Equal length 45mm primaries with a high-velocity merge collector and our terribly sophisticated, sound-cancelling, LSR Black Hole muffler. The SS Titanium finish holds in the heat and does not stain or discolor. No packing material and an exhaust that gets quieter as you go faster. The chrome heat shield provides a 6mm insulating air gap above the muffler and there's an additional inch clearance from the saddle bags.

The two into one design increases torque and horsepower. The 180 degree opposed Boxer engine wants equal length primaries and the high velocity merge collector does the by the book "two-step" into the 2" (52mm) tail section. As the RPM increases the power will not fall off. With no need to "re-pack" the sound cancelling Black Hole muffler won't annoy you or others at cruising or warp speeds. Certain riders who prattle on endlessly about why the 2 into 2 oem design is the ultimate expression of technology (circa 1930) we would like to inform you BMW abandoned this with their twins more than a decade ago. Bye Bye Baby Duals.

People call us up and ask questions like: "How much does the system weigh" and "How much power will I gain". We generally answer these, in order, by responding (1) "How much do you weigh?" and (2) "We have no idea". That doesn't sit too well with some people.

In case you get the idea we aren't in the business of telling people what they want to hear just to get their money...Well, you'd be right.
It's the best system we can design and as we have over thirty years in this game we know a bit about squeezing performance out of a multi-decade old design. FYI power to weight ratio and torque are the numbers you should be concerned with. Put that hamburger down before you call us.

R100RS 2-1 Black Hole Spyder

The exhaust goes under the center of the bike and through the centerstand which means there is no heat by your feet. The merge collector is offset slightly to allow oil drain access. Retention springs are provided for the primary tubes and the pipe mounts to the oem mount on the left side of the bike. Left side exit means the exhaust is compatible with sidecars.

The exhaust comes with and oxygen sensor port for our RSR Air Fuel Ratio meter and Bosch O-Sensor. The meter is suggested as it is the only way to monitor and set your fuel system whether it is Bings or aftermarket carburetors or our RSR Closed Loop Fuel Injection System.

The oem charging system won't support an efi system which chews up about 10 amps to support the high pressure fuel pump. We will be showing you how we upgrade things and install our closed loop efi system as well as an intercooled turbo set up.

Whatever cards you were dealt we have a better hand. We've been at this for more than 30 years and decided we would build the exhaust that we wanted instead of silly slip on "Lifetime" mufflers and various megaphones and other obsolete stuff. You might want that but we aren't going to build it. The line is drawn in the sand. Surrender and opt for the safety of the past or free your strangled twin of it's old technology and actually get something that works.

We're building a whole new series of Airhead exhausts and this is the first. This one is the "first" because it is what we want...not necessarily what you want. After 30 plus years of this we have learned that it's better to make a good product, sell it to those who appreciate it, and forget about those who pontificate leaning on the fence because they never buy anything anyway.

We are racers and we know what works. You, most likely, aren't a racer, haven't run 200 mph with a BMW and haven't had the desire to outrun things or push a boxer into a 10 second 1/4 mile like we did 25 years ago. For you conservative types who worship the "Blue and White Propeller" we'll have some conservative designs that are safe for you to take out into the world. Heaven help the person who does something different. Guess that's why we are the only people who made 200 mph BMWs and 400 hp Harleys, Black sheep in a white sheep world.

We went out and bought five BMWs to do development on and we've been riding BMWs for 37+ years. We've recently driven them on 1000 mile days averaging 70 mph including stops and in a distant time covered 50,000 miles in Europe on a R75/5. We also ride Harleys and love them. This R100RS is a 1982 model with a lowly 53,000 miles on it that we bought from club racer in Santa Barbara. We bought it because it was stock and not bent up from crashes.

We loaned the RS out to a Harley friend of ours who promptly trashed the transmission. Solution: Bought a used tranny off of EBay and put it in without removing the swingarm. Nuts and bolts.

These are just motors and we know a thing or two about motors. There's nothing magical about them and they all have their quirks just like Harleys, Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis and Yamahas, not to mention probably 500 other makes that have come and gone. Speaking of quirks, we have to assume the people that designed this bike have size six feet as there in no way for any normal sized foot not to get tangled up with the lower fairing and carburetor short of installing some form of rear sets. We just cut the forgings and moved the location points back 1 1/2". Rearsets suck.

Two wheels and a motor. That's why they are called motorcycles, whether they are festooned with Garmins and heated grips, or ape hangers and leather saddle bags. Just ride.

The R100 Black Hole Spyder Exhaust for the BMW R100. A quiet race system that you can tour or commute with. If you race, it will pass decibel tests. With The RSR Air Fuel Ratio Meter you can be sure you mixture is correct for economy as well as peak performance. Here you can see the RSR Air Fuel Ratio Meter installed directly below the tachometer. The meter told us immediately how to rejet the Bings.

If you order one specify your exhaust port I.D. We are fixtured for both small and large ports.

LSR 2-1 R100 2-1 Black Hole Spyder Exhaust with Silver Ceramic Finish and Chrome Heat shield.
Add $150.00 for Dual Coat Black Ceramic

We don't do slip-ons

About every exhaust system manufacturer makes "slip-on" mufflers. Teflon coated die cast butt plugs full of kinky rivets and adorned in finishes to make your knees weak and your wallet flutter. Well, we don't just build things because you just might buy them...We build things that work, things without compromise, parts without limits. It all starts at the cylinder head and it ends where it barks. We don't do slip-ons.

Wrench Modification

The typical BMW exhaust flange wrench won't slip over the 45mm primary tubes. You need to open up the slot to 1 7/8" (about 47mm). We're machining up some wrenches for these exhausts and will list them as they become available.