The best 2-1 Harley-Davidson Exhausts, The Most Powerful Turbos

200hp street 95 Inch 13 PSI. Daily drivers. Turbos for big twins since 1980. 25 PSI capable.

LSR 2-1 Designs: Our 47th Year...Racing, Street, Touring

For Harley Davidson Big Twins, V-Rods and Evo Sportsters:

Since the mid 1970's we have been constantly involved in racing activities. If you check around you will find that few exhaust manufacturers have been actively involved in organized competition themselves, one of which is RB Racing.... Road Racing, Drag Racing, Endurance Racing and Land Speed Racing.

This is not a plumbing exercise and we build 2-1 exhausts which come in two different primary tube sizes in five major product ranges and three different finishes...totaling over 450 part numbers as far back as Shovelheads (FL, FX & Rigids). No stupid megaphones, no stupid discs, no ghost pipes, and no fluted billet butt plugs.

1 3/4" and 2" primary tubes. Specialized port designs for S&S SA B1/B2 and B3 cylinder heads as well as T143 and  EVO 145" (1" taller). Customs like Big Dogs, RSD transmissions, and Confederate Hell Cats are also fixtured for.

LSR 2-1 Exhaust Systems  (Note: We Build to Order)

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

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General Information

Made to Order: We offer over 450 part numbers in three different finishes, including different finishes for the heat shields which are, necessarily, priced separately. In addition, most exhaust systems are available in both  1 3/4" and 2" primary tube diameters and in five different product ranges. We cover everything from Shovelheads to obsolete Clone Bikes as well as odd-ball requests like 145 Inch RSD customs. As for different cylinder heads: OEM, STD, S&S B1, S&S B2 (4 bolt & 2 bolt), S&S B3(2 bolt) and others are tooled for. It does get complicated. There is no way to pre-configure and stock all these variations which is why we build to order and why we cannot offer same day shipping.

All systems (save the S&S B1/B2/B3 heads) require:

00-1000 Billet Gaskets (2) Evo/TC 88 $9.95
00-1001 Exhaust Nuts (4) Evo/TC 88 $3.00
00-1002 M8/Twin Cam/Evo/Evo Sportster, Machined from Billet, Steel 2 Bolt Flange and clips (set: 2 flanges, 2 clips); Chrome $37.95

Heat shields are priced separately.

Orders and Payment: You can order at anytime Online 24/7, or call. If there are any questions about the order we will call you to confirm specific details such as year and model number as well as details like Oxygen sensor type, wider tires, master cylinder location custom frames and the like. You must provide Credit Card details at the time of order either on our Secure SSL Online Order Form or when you call. You will be charged when the exhaust goes to outside finishing as this locks your custom order into a Chrome, Silver Ceramic or Black Dual Coat Ceramic finish. As all orders are custom they must be paid for at that time. It takes typically 10-14 working days to schedule and make the part and then  the parts are grouped and taken for outside finishing.

E-mails to RB Racing saying you want something is not an actual order. Either order Online 24/7 or call in your order. All private parties and Independent Shops must provide Credit Card information at the time of the order. Franchised Harley-Davidson Dealers can provide credit card details at the time of shipment. Best to call in your order as people generally leave off details about their bike that could cause conflicts,

Shipping Costs: Paid separately via Credit Card at time of shipment, typically two weeks after parts have been sent for finishing. We do not know actual costs until the part is in the box, packed, sealed, and run through the FedEx system for the shipping and insurance amount. Prices vary due to weight, box dimensions, and destination. In general, shipping within the Continental United States (not Alaska and Hawaii) via FedEx Ground runs $50.00 to $90.00 depending on the size and weight of the box. We only ship Postal to Canada due to issues related to payment of customs duties, which runs about $150.00 US. We deliver the boxes to FedEx and the US Post Office once a day.

Overseas: FedEx Economy Air Door to Door delivery (Great Rates System). We have to negotiate for the best day/rate which runs $250.00 or more. Some foreign locations can be shipped US Postal Air for the mid $150.00 range. Some foreign customers have freight forwarders and or their own FedEx account. We do not ship UPS.

Order Status: We get lots of phone calls asking for "Order status"...This just slows the process down. People politely ask "How is it going" reality they just want their parts "Now". Politeness tends to fade quickly with some people. These days with smart phones in everyone's hands, we get bombarded with "order status" e-mails when people have a mental moment of boredom in their screen-filled days.

Your parts can be in fabrication, in post-polishing or can be scattered in three different directions at once like chromers, coaters, or in final assembly. We only can give a realistic estimate of completion i.e. shipping when all the parts sent for outside finishing. Typically, when parts return from outside finishing, they are shipped in that week or the beginning of the next week as we have to gather up all the hardware and put the parts back together in the same order they were made including heat shields and specialized mounting systems.

Note: All parts of our exhaust systems, including heat shields, are serialized for order and part numbers. This way we know who ordered the system, when it was sold, and what the part was made for. We keep a data base on all orders with complete details about the part when it was originally shipped.

Five Harley Davidson LSR 2-1 Product Ranges

(1): LSR 2-1 Black Hole:

Quieter Black Hole design. For sound issues: Standard 00-1416 quiet baffle.

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

310 515  5720

Customer writes: " Here is a photo of my new 00-1409 Black Hole Pipe on my 2018 Heritage Milwaukee 8 FLHCS 114. The fit and finish is perfect. It sounds incredible and the bike feels quicker through the gears. Thank you for the incredible pipe. I've posted a few pics on the Harley forum too. This is my second pipe from you guys, another satisfied customer. Steve"

00-1409 New M-8 Softail Heritage. The best Milwaukee-8 exhaust for performance and sound attenuation.

Black Hole 153hp/149tq

Customer writes: " I have a 11.5 C.R. 124 with ported 110 heads, S&S 640G cams, bored S&S G carb.....attached is the dyno sheet. Is this tq curve normal for the  2" primary Blackhole pipe? The welds and the chrome are second to none! I am absolutely satisfied with the fit, finish, and sound of the Blackhole! 153hp/149tq AND I can hear the radio and have a conversation with the girlfriend.

PS: I also have your swingarm mod done-----work of art!!!! Thank you guys for the great products. Dave"

Customer writes: "Here is a photo of my 2015 CVO Road Glide with your (00-1236) LSR 2-1, Black Hole 1 ĺ-inch exhaust system installed.

So far, the bike is a stock 110 CVO but I am contemplating changing to SE 585 cams this winter for additional torque and horsepower. I rode with the original Screaming Eagle exhaust for the first 450 miles but the bike felt severely restricted and was way too quiet. I could also feel that it was straining to get up to the higher RPM range. Thatís when I received and installed your system and what a difference it made. I could immediately feel the benefits of a free flowing exhaust. Not only was the power and torque greatly increased but itís a lot quicker to accelerate to through the RPM ranges.

The benefits in sound quality were also astounding. I can still cruise through populated areas while generating a very reasonable high performance sound and avoid making the man cranky but when itís time to pour the coal to it, you exhaust will also make the bike sound like a Fire Breathing Dragon and holy shit it is fast.

As with the Black Hole system I had on my 2013 road Glide Custom the folks I ride with like the quality of the sound and comment itís not too loud and can even be amazingly quiet when I need it to be. As always, the fit and finish is perfect and with 6,000 miles on the bike now the chrome is still flawless and the system looks better than the original or the other aftermarket exhausts out there. I would recommend your LSR 2-1 Black Hole system to anyone who wants high performance and a very good quality sound without being obnoxiously loud.
Thanks for producing a really great exhaust system and an excellent American Made product. Ray"

(2): LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder:

15 Degree Merge Collector race system for Big Inch Built Motors.  Standard or optional quieter baffle.

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

310 515 5720

The Milwaukee-8 is a taller, heavier engine with the O2 sensors moved upstream, closer to where they should have been. Earlier LSR 2-1 designs will not fit this motor. We supply a different saddlebag mount system for our under the bag designs like the Pro Stock Spyder and Black Hole. All systems also have a three point laser-cut mount off of the transmission.

Customer writes: " I wanted to let you know that the Improvement on my Bike with your pipe is so substantial I am still at a loss for words to describe it.  We put it on while I was visiting my family for the holidays, So I have only had it on for the last two weeks, but I must say that this pipe is probably the best modification I have made to the bike.  It allows my bike to really open up right off the line and carry all they way through the top end.  The power that I have now is something I didn't know was available with everything that was done to my bike. I have the Stage 4 114" kit on the bike and your pipe really let me open it up to a new level.  When I am asked by my friends the only response I can give them is that I will NEVER have another pipe on any motorcycle I own again. 

Thank you for your help with everything, and the Amazing work that you do.  Steve S"

The best Milwaukee-8 exhaust for high performance motors with sound attenuation.

Customer writes:" Here is a photo of my 2001 Heritage Softail with your (00-1371) Pro Stock Spyder 1 ĺ, C Style with 3 shields. The bike is a 95 CID, with SE 204 cams, Branch OíKeefe PT heads, one tooth added to the tranny sprocket then tuned with TTS Mastertune. I kept the torque and horsepower events in the low to mid RPM range and settled on a compression ratio below 9.8 because I ride 100 miles every day on open country roads using 91-octane pump gas. I have taken your advice on several products and they have all worked very well for me but I believe the Pro Stock Spyder is what pulled everything together to achieve impressive gains in performance and produce a far better sound. I have 67,000 miles on the bike including the last 5,000 with your pipes so I can tell you with confidence the changes in performance due to the Pro Stock Spyder were very evident particularly when hitting it hard on open road.
As always, the fit and finish was perfect, the slip joint, billet gaskets, and special nuts made the system easy to install, and it looks way better than the other exhausts I have seen. I am very satisfied that I bought your exhaust system and I recommend them to anyone who values performance and good looks.
Thank you for building a truly excellent American Made product."

Customer writes:" Here is Pic of Simply the Best Exhaust System ever installed on my custom bike. LSR Pro Stock Spyder 2-1, 2" Black Ceramic w/ Black Heat Shields. My bike is a Lowered 1998 FHL Ultra Classic, It Had a 80" EVO Fuel Injected, But was replaced by S&S 113" EVO Carburated. Install and pipe finish Excellent. Little louder then stock at Idle. Pipe makes bike rev out quickly through all gears, & Therefore makes gear shifting much quicker now.{ Good thing bike has Avon tires or would break loose } Quiet enough to listen to stereo at Hi-way speeds & Acceptable through town with moderate throttle use. The Midrange and Top end Passing Power is INCREDIBLE. This thing just pulls, and pulls, with simple roll on throttle in 5th gear. But Drop a Gear at Hi-way Speeds, Hammer Throttle Open. Hang the " Fuck On ", Hits 190 KM in seconds, Plenty of power to pass anything on road in front of you and very quickly. Bike gets average 39 miles / gallon at 70 MPH. I've tried other pipes on this motor, they were just pipes. This is a complete exhaust system.                          

Thank you RB Racing for a Excellent Harley exhaust system. From one HAPPY CANADIAN CUSTOMER.

P.S. Made call before order, was in stock, took approx 3/4 weeks to get. WORTH THE WAIT PERIOD .....!!!!!"

(3): LSR 2-1 Turn Out / Slash Cut:

The standard for 2-1 high performance street systems for over 47 years. Proven design. No Stupid Megaphones. Baffled.

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

310 515 5720

00-1406 New M-8 Softail Sport Glide. 2" primaries on all Milwaukee 8 Exhausts. The best Milwaukee-8 exhaust for high output street performance. 130 hp with TTS cam.

Customer writes: "Just wanted to drop you folks a line and tell you how thrilled I am with my new LSR 2-1.  Boy, what an upgrade.  Never mind the looks which are spectacular but the engine roars like a tiger. My bike has a stock 96 with a Dynojet Powervision with the wide band module.  Other than the LSR 2-1 Iíve added an Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner.
I started with a FuelMoto tune based on their 2-1 pipes with SE air cleaner.  After three auto-tune runs, the bike runs like it never did before.  Looking at the VE tables you can see the increases all over the map. Henry". 00-1122 Turn Out in chrome rotated 45 with three heat shields."

(4): LSR 2-1 Pro Stock:

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

310 515 5720

15 Degree Merge Collector in Pure Race in Standard length, Challenge (Shorter), and 00-1306R versions. Optional welded in baffle. Optimum design for all-out performance.

00-1306 Challenge 128CID: 180HP; 204 FT/LBS Torque

Customer writes: "Here's a photo of the bike... I'm very happy with the pipes and performance. Recently had the128 kit installed. Regards, Jason".

00-1306 2" Pro Stock Challenge for the new M-8 Softail. Finished in dual coat ceramic black with three heat shields.


M8 117" Softail 135hp. 00-1408 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock in Dual Coat Black Ceramic with three heat shields. Being converted to 127 CID for more hp.

00-1306 Challenge in 2" for Right Side Drive.

Customer writes: "Attached are pictures of my 2008 FXCWC (Rocker) with your pipes on it.  The engine is a SE120RX which produced 146 HP. Like you give a shit!! Thanks, Butch". 00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge with 2" primaries.

New 00-1306R Exhausts

Pictured above is our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 00-1306R for a Twin Cam Dresser. Customers are making 180 or more horsepower and 200+ ft/lbs of torque with our LSR 2-1 Pro Stock systems...Which are wide open with no baffle.

We offer the new  "R" version with a 4" diameter, welded-on, resonator tail section that has a straight 2.5" through by-pass.  This will knock some decibels off so you can be sort of socially acceptable.

Note: All "00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge" models do not have any baffle as inserting anything into the 2.5" tail section will hurt performance. The 00-1306R model should be ordered for a noise Db reduction with no hindrance in performance.

The resonator section can be in stainless as pictured above or in the Ceramic Silver or Dual Coat Ceramic Black....In picture above the straw-colored stainless Resonator is as it comes out of the 600F oven for the third time during the Dual Coat Black Ceramic process.

All 00-1306R systems are only available in ceramic and not in chrome finishes. The three optional heat shields (f / r / collector) can be in chrome,  or in black ceramic.

2020 M8 Softail Low Rider S  00-1306R

Customer writes: "I was very surprised by the sound level of the pipe. I have owned a LSR 2-1 00-1306 (no resonator) on a prepped Twin-Cam 110ci, and I must say this new pipe is incredibly quiet even though I run it on a 128cid with 11:1 compression. Dare I say ę too quiet ? Ľ ;-)

As I am used to LAF pipes, I was almost disappointed when firing the engine. But after a few miles running the bike I must say the sound level is just great.
Tone is very deep, and it will bark but wonít kill your drums when you open wide.

By the way, my neighbors thank youÖ

Performance-wise, the pipe seems really excellent, but I guess you need no feedback on this point !

I was aiming with this build 150-155HP. Engine is already shooting 170HP with a partial tune. Midrange torque is unbelievable.
Ill be back with more precise figures as the bike gets fully tuned.

Best Nicolas."

(5): LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challege RaceCat:

Merge Collector in Pure Race System with a Catalytic Coverter and Baffle. Not quiet but Cat friendly.

E-mail or Call Questions about fitment

310 515 5720

A pure LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge pipe but with a Racing Catalytic Converter rated at about 450 CFM i.e. 300hp flow rate.

Here a  110 CVO Road Glide with a 1306RC LSR 2-1 RaceCat in Dual Coat Black finish with chrome heat shields. Replacing a Rineheart Xtreme Dual system the customer was less than pleased with. Nice tone. Pure Race System.

Milwaukee-8 Racing Pro Stock LSR 2-1's in production...Dresser & Softail

Above: Milwaukee-8 exhaust LSR 2-1, 00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge in 2".  Coated in Dual-Coat Black Ceramic for a customer who wanted a "Really loud racing exhaust". At the dealer level cnc ported heads, cams and bigger bore kits are up to about 180 hp. When you consider an 80" EVO was about 58 HP with 175 to 200F oil temperatures it's no wonder these run closing in on 300F hot. Typically on built motors with high  horsepower.

We have also created additional LSR 2-1 designs:  00-1393, 2" LSR 2-1 Turn Outs;  00-1394, 2" LSR 2-1 Slash Cuts; 00-1395, 2"LSR 2-1 +5" Slash Cuts; 00-1396, 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyders; 00-1397, 2" LSR 2-1 Black Holes; and 00-1398 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Systems.

Most orders are for Dual-Coat Black Ceramic. Chrome and Silver Ceramic finishes can also be ordered. Heat shields can be in any of the three finishes.

00-1393 in stock 45 degree M-8:  2" Turn Out in Chrome/Chrome Shields
00-1393 in stock 45 degree M-8:  2" Turn Out in Dual Coat Black Ceramic/Black Shields
00-1395 in stock +5" Slash Cut M-8:  2" in Dual Coat Black Black Ceramic/Black Shields
00-1397 in stock LSR 2-1 Black Hole M-8:  2" in Dual Coat Black Ceramic/Black Shields

Milwaukee-8 Softail LSR 2-1's in production...(14+ Models)

Shown above is the 00-1306 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge on the 2018 FLSB. M-8 Softail pipes do not use the same rear primary tube design as our M-8 Dresser exhaust systems. Softail pipes are frame mounted. No oem brackets are used. These systems have been making 135+ hp on M-8's.

M8 Softail Slash Cut 00-1406

New Milwaukee 8 Softail Mounts for LSR 2-1 exhausts. We have mounts made up for the full range of LSR 2-1 Exhausts: Pro Stock, Pro Stock Challenge, LSR Turn Outs and Slash Cuts, Pro Stock Spyders and Black Hole Designs. If you add OEM FLHC or FLSB Saddle Bags to other M8 Softails we have an additional mount kit for these.

New M-8 Softails are available in our full product range. Prices on our Part Numbers Page.

00-1405:  LSR 2-1 Turn Out (Specify Out or 45 Degree Rotation)
00-1406:  LSR 2-1 Slash Cut (Specify Slash Out or Down)
00-1407:  LSR 2-1 Slash Cut +5" (Specify Slash Out or Down)
00-1408:  LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 
00-1306:  LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Challenge
00-1409:  LSR 2-1 Black Hole
00-1410:  LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder

All have Milwaukee 8 Softail systems have 2 Primary Tubes with 12mm and 18mm Oxygen Sensor ports.

We supply Laser Cut powder coated Mounting Brackets for both Saddlebag and Non-saddlebag models. 

Note: Heat shields can be in any of three finishes and are ordered separately

No stock OEM exhaust mounts are used. Billet Flanges and clips, Billet Gaskets and extra mil-spec exhaust nuts are required.

 Indian Chief Exhausts

New LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder exhausts for the 111 and 116 Indian Chief Motorcycles. Designed to maximize torque and power and provide cooler running with Ceramic Finishes. We waited about 4 years before we started on the new Indian Big Twins. They are not an easy exhaust to make...We did make it as perfect as possible with not compromise on torque or horsepower and made an extra effort to optimize the sound quality. They have been well received by Indian owners. We only do these in ceramic finishes.

One very well known exhaust manufacturer said there were not enough of them to warrant production of full systems.

We don't make a lot of them but we do make the best ones.

The Bonneville Bullett..Salt Flats 2008 to 2017

Building the Bonneville bike, the Bonneville Bullett, started in 1992.  We have provided a chronology  that shows what happens over a 50 year period to go from an idea planted in youth, through the usual messiness called life and the culmination of a dream many decades later after a long bumpy ride.

Our involvement ended in 2017 after 12 years of financing the effort all the way from a rusted frame with rotted tires to the finished product and a 200 mph record you see here. People eventually show their ugly side...It always works out that way. We moved on. Mission accomplished.

Having a high-end camera does not make you a photographer if you get the jest of it.

Mike Hailwood's Birthday 2 April 1940

Ultimate FXR

Take a perfectly good FXR CVO2, change it around a few times and then decide to start all over and add 300HP... From the bare frame up and nothing stays the same.

Real World Tuning...As you ride

Customer writes: "When the gauge arrived I knew it would be of a very high quality, it has far surpassed my expectations. I was very eager to get this installed and take a look at my tune.  Amazing to see how little adjustments on the carb effect the AFR. As a result of this gauge, I have dropped one size on the low speed jet, raised the clip on notch and confirmed the main jet on my Mik48. Thank you, I really like this gauge. Ed"

"Just wanted to follow up with you. This AFR gauge is a game changer. I think the tune on this bike is just about perfect, or as perfect as a one can get with a carb. I have every needle, main and idle jet available for the Mik48 and think I used everyone of them chasing the tune. Now with everything dialed in, warm idle will flicker between the orange and red light, cruise is at the left orange light and hard acceleration toggles between last orange and first red. Plugs look terrific, bike starts first thing in the morning without any choke, while riding around town the lights are relatively stable, some moving around but not much. Again, I couldnít be happier with how this gauge works.

I am building a 124Ē TC to put into another FXR that I am building. This gauge is already on the build list, canít imagine not having this gauge on any of my bikes.

Thanks, Ed"

0-2"; +1-3"; & 0-3"  Chain Drive  Twin Cam, & M8 Swingarms

"Draggin Baggers"...big engines, nitrous, forced induction, wheelies, custom wheels, lowered....What's the world coming to?  900 lb couches with cup holders and stereo systems. Go Figure. Also for FXR's and M8 Softails.

Got Salt?...Bonneville

Bonnevile Salt Flats: 2014 and 2015 SCTA-BNI events cancelled due to poor salt conditions. Later events like in 2017 were very poor with rough salt and thin salt. Does not look good for the future. Millions of dollars have been sent by competitors and untold thousands of hours of fabrication and planning.. Bring your own salt....maybe 200 million tons of it.

1972 Car and Driver article prediction the demise of the Salt Falts and the reason why.

John Stein Author...Drag Racing Collectors and Documentarian

John Stein, the author of these two motorcycle books, stopped by RB Racing to talk about racing, mutual acquaintances and to sell books. Now John could have written a romance novel, a book about adolescent wizards or even a nouvelle cuisine tome and made more money. Unfortunately for him and, fortunately for all of us, John took the time and effort to document a past that is slipping away all too fast by interviewing those left alive from the 1950's, 60's and till present to get the rare photos and background color before, as they say...the dust turns to dust.

Mindless shopping malls have chewed up the dragstrips and these days people Twitter and Facebook away instead of getting drunk, raising hell, turning wrenches and manning welding torches. Instead of making things, people just buy things...that's the downfall of everything.

Everyday is a beginning of the good old days for each new generation. There are pioneers however... People who rolled the dice in a game that had no payout and the road was hard and untraveled. Obsessions go on for decades. John Stein is obsessed and we thank him for his efforts. Sixty plus years of drag racing and highly-documented (Plus DVD) Bonneville streamliner saga.

A video of John wheeling the famous Clem Johnson Vincent "Barn Job" into his living room is worth a watch on YouTube. The question for all of us is..."Would your significant other let you keep drag racing motorcycles in the living room?". TV sucks these days and the faint smell of nitro, bean oil and sculpted metal trumps sitcoms, and endless Viagra commercials. As they say Nitro is for racing and gasoline is for washing parts. Reality is made, not bought. Appreciate it. John has done a great job of documenting the golden era of motorcycle drag racing in his book.

John gave us a good deal on his books so we bought some and if you have a good story we might give you one. If your story sucks we can still give you a good price. The money goes to our Bonneville Bullett effort. You can also get them from John. Read them, then decide if you want to make history yourself. We are trying. $50.00 shipped.

John Stein's 5 Year Labor of Love

John Stein sent us his new documentary ""Quarter Milestones: A History of Motorcycle Drag Racing", a one hour journey from the early days of street racing in the post WW2 era to present day. John knew that many of the early pioneers had either passed away or, if still kicking, he needed to get the interviews and the back stories documented before it was too late. John went on a five year journey all over the country to interview the racers, tuners, fabricators and event organizers to nail down their exploits before it all disappeared into the ether.

The fire in their souls, the innovation, the creativity, and the fierce determination is all in full view in John's documentary. It's a period in time that cannot be duplicated which is fully explained by drag racing legend Terry Vance and master fabricator Sandy Kosman. If you are old enough to have seen the Barn Job run or the doubles, triples, and Russ Collin's V8 Sorcerer you have to have this film.

Here photographed on a copper-topped TIG welding table where go fast parts are still made from scratch.

Order your copy from John at Gearhead Publishing and follow John Stein on Facebook.

Russ Collins Passes Away

We first met Russ Collins in 1974 and Russ took us out to the shop floor of his business on Main Street in Gardena to sit on his triple, the "Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe" pictured above. Fast forward to 1977 and Russ sponsored our Bol D'Or Kawasakis Z-1's in the form of hard race parts...cams, pistons etc. He told his general manager Terry Vance to give us "whatever we wanted".

When the race was over with we repaid Russ by prototyping his Honda CBX 6-2 exhausts as well as his XS Yamaha three and four cylinder exhausts as no one in his shop really wanted to do it. We hot-wired his personal "RCBX" license plate CBX and ran it about 2000 miles...Russ grimaced at that one. He would have done the same.

In the early 1980's Russ decided to expand his operation as he was selling about 2500 exhaust systems a month and Terry Vance and Byron Hines, his employees, were winning Pro Stock. Russ invited us to see his new 45,000 square foot building one Friday...He had put in full custom bar in his office and was full of enthusiasm for the chance he was taking on a major expansion. Come Monday and Terry and Bryon were gone along with Roger McPhail (sales) as well as other key personnel. Vance and Hines was born the next week. They took Suzuki's Pro Stock sponsorship money with them.

Russ innovated drag racing and took it to a new level. White leathers and showmanship. Doubles, triples, rear engine, V8's, supercharged 4 cylinders, 4-1 exhausts, Cobra motors, Weber carbs, aluminum Golden Rods, zoomie nitro headers, Hilborn injectors, Magnetos and the victory cigar. Vance and Hines learned while working for Russ and took the model on the road for themselves. Russ once went through the lights at about 170 mph without a motorcycle, ended up in a wheelchair, and then climbed on his V8 Sorcerer. The rest is history as they say.

Russ went on to gain world-class status with his Fuel Injector Business and was the first to put in advanced testing and flow equipment for both fuel injectors and fuel pumps. Russ closed down his motorcycle operation and kept his hand in racing by driving Bill Miller's Top Fuel Dragster. Russ was always a racer first and businessman second. He retired a number of years ago to Palm Springs where he played golf everyday.

Russ passed away during a trip to Hawaii...not in an assisted living facility or a wheelchair. He was 74. Cancer finally got him but no one got him at the XMas tree. He was called "The Assassin" for good reason. A nice guy and technically very, very, smart. Glad we knew him.


46 Years Later..RVN 1967 to 2013...196 mph Bonneville Record

Bob Bennett is a long time Bonneville competitor, holds a number of records, is knocking on the door on a 200 mph record, and has the distinction of having his name engraved on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall as KIA even though he is quite alive. In 2013 Bob has dedicated his new record to the 32 men who died in his unit.. Alpha Company.

Bob hit a peak speed 203 mph with his normally aspirated 1650cc class Sportster. The GPS Speedo's first red light illuminates at exactly 200 mph with the digital display's memory displaying the exact peak mph reached during the run. Bob hit 203 mph without a turbo or supercharger.

Bob writes: "Attached are a few pictures of my bike at speed week last year. The tail section has the 32 names of the men in my Company that were KIA in 1967. The bike number 3399 represents 3rd Bat 39th Inf. 9th Ind Div. Bob Bennett"

They say adrenaline sears major events in your memory that makes them so clear you relive them over and over again. As you get older the short term day to day crap gets less important and fades quickly. Bob returned to Viet Nam recently to retrace his path and to pay honor, by way of remembrance, to those who were with him that died.

Bob got rained out in 2014 as both SpeedWeek and the World Finals were cancelled. He'll be back after missing the better conditions at 2018 SpeedWeek as he was involved with a move to a different state. In 2019 Conditions were terrible. He'll be ready if the salt is. The salt is only a thin crust these days.

Bob returned in 2020 and set a record @197 MPH.

There are a lot of vets at Bonneville.  As opposed to Bob Bennett and other vets, there are others like Henry Louie below.

Our 1990's Suzuki Bonneville Bikes: Postscript: Henry Ensign Louie

We met Henry Louie via Luftmeister whom we had helped to secure a 200 mph El Mirage record on a BMW. We ended up turbocharging two Suzuki GSXR turbos for which he paid for and one which he did we repoed the second turbo kit. During the time we were around Henry he claimed to be a have been Naval fighter pilot. He also claimed to have his personal F4 Phantom Jet which he flew to St Louis for lunch. He also claimed to be a Korean War veteran flying jet aircraft in that conflict "going eyeball to eyeball with the enemy pilots".

He also claimed to have flown the reconnaissance missions over the Bridge at Toko Ri, as seen in archival footage.. When mentioned we had been in Viet Nam in Military Intelligence Henry said he had been in Laos and Cambodia on special electronic warfare sensor projects. For his Harley acquaintances in Boise he also claimed to have been a Harley racer and District Champion in the late 1940's.

Henry, at various times, claimed to have climbed Mt Everest, been a marathon champion and, no matter what subject you brought up he had done it either better, way before you, or he had things which were more expensive or better than anything you had.

We shepherded him into the double two club at Bonneville and El Mirage in his first year of competition, which is pretty much unheard of. We went with him to the SCTA Bonneville awards dinner where he got his double 200 mph recognition and jackets and he did not once mention RB Racing. Henry had to be guided...He could not even remember to turn on his fuel petcock or keep his gas tank full at Bonneville...He was too busy walking around in his Kushitani leathers playing politics and telling stories about himself. Henry wrangled himself to become the President of the SCTA...mostly based on his speed records and his donations of jackets and other items.

Henry ended up selling his Suzuki Dealership (Del Amo Motorsports) and moved to Boise to partner in Big Twin BMW. At his retirement we found out he claimed to have been a Navy admiral. Now, if you had risen through the Officer ranks in the Army like we had, and our friends had...the claim that Henry had been an Admiral was a bit too much to take so we decided to make some checks. Admirals are North of Naval Captains and Army Colonels. We always knew he was a liar but we wanted to check.

We contacted The Fake Warrior Project and they found no service records whatsoever for Henry Ensign Louie. Our Harley friends at Brother Speed in Boise could find no records anywhere of Henry ever racing Harleys in the late 1940's. Here's a report from the NATIONAL PERSONNEL RECORDS CENTER

Stolen Valor is a crime these days. Henry is now in his mid to late 80's, blind from cataracts and in a rest home in Salt Lake City where he preaches his stories to the staff and residents of his nursing home.

Addendum: Henry passed away with his lies intact in 2017. Some documents uncovered later showed he was a drafted and possibly served as a Corporal in the Army for 1 year and 11 months in 1949-1950...No Navy, No Admiral, never was a pilot. Just Lies.


Turbo Twin Cam: "Trip done: 5950 miles 28 States in 9 days. Bike performed well"

Doc Sweeney and his RB Racing Intercooled TC88 Turbo on a marathon 28 state run. Genuine Pinto gas tank along for the ride. "And miles to go before I sleep". Doc Sweeney covered 4500 miles in the first week.."Running fine". Total 5950 miles in 9 days.Next up...a R1200GS BMW and off to Alaska...all 50 states. The TC88 was shipped in from Hawaii. All 50 States.

Pectel SQ6M Advanced Engine Management

For our racing projects at Bonneville and our own 360 hp Road Glide Turbo we chose to use Pectel Cosworth SQ6M Engine Controllers. These offered total control of fuel, spark, traction control, fly-by-wire throttle, wastegates, and anything you can think of. Also, many things you would never think of.

These went out of production in 2023/2024 as the MPC565 microprocessors were no longer in production.

Great product for racing. Steep learning curve, professional.


The SQ6M controlled the Electronic Throttle as well as our 1000 psi water injection system on our 126" ORCA Road Toad and our 139" ORCA Bonneville motor. ID2000cc Injectors.

SQ6M Simulation..Before you race

Here we are running tests on the 139" Bonnevile Bullett's programming:  6700 RPM with a soft rev cut at 6750 RPM; 30 PSI Boost; 5th Gear 312 MPH; ID2000cc Injectors; 2640cc fuel @ 43.5 PSI; 500 HP; testing wheel slip and Traction Control settings. Pectel SQ6M Controller.

Motorsports Mil-Spec Wiring

We're two-wheeled, not four-wheeled racers and, although we've raced at LeMans on two wheels, these days we go to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Electrical wiring and wiring harness problems are always major issues regarding reliability, so we put togther a resource for those who are contemplating making "mil-spec" wiring harnesses. The Bonneville Salt Flats eats everything on your race and support vehicles.

Our high end race applications use Pectel Electronics and we have to design the wiring harnesses in-house. This involves documenting everything from wire specifications and color codes to each connector and slice point as well as having all the tools and supplies to get the job done. This is expensive, mostly time-wise,  but poor wiring will kill a race effort.

126 ORCA...Building a 360 HP Road Glide

In case you want to see what it takes to build a 360hp Road Glide, we offer a build history of our test bike where we develop new products for our racing activities. A 360 hp couch is a good way to test what you race. We also get to make FLT/FLH chain drive swingarm conversions to hold the 360 hp.

RB Racing: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

We made the exhausts for the movie bike...Actually several different sets of them while the movie was being planned and finally shot. The bike became sort of famous for some reason. We put up a bit of history of the affair for you to read. No money...just history as they say.

We outran the police on this bike..Interesting story.

RB Racing & Bob George...Time to Reflect

Bob George crossed our path at a time in the 1980's and 90's when we were setting Bonneville and El Mirage 200 mph records with Suzukis, BMWs, and Harleys. "Bob George" wasn't exactly a household name and we were unaware of his accomplishments. We ended up getting involved with seriously deranged character who had a streamliner project who, in turn, introduced us to Bob George. After we got rid of the relationship with this nut case, who worked for the US Postal system and lived in his Ford Van, we became friends with Bob George and found out about his history at Bonneville.

Above is pictured the record setting double-engined, nitro burning, Shovelhead powered, Jammer Liner...designed and built by Bob George. Business partners Mil Blair and Joe Teresi sort of took over Bob's project. Mil went his way with Jammer Products and Joe Teresi split with control of Easyriders Magazine. Bob George is third from the left. Bob ended up losing the liner...and the recognition.

Years later the same liner was re-skinned in aluminum and rebuilt by Joe Teresi of EasyRiders Magazine. Tech honchos like Keith Ruxton and Micah McCloskey made it go. Dave Campos again was the pilot and 322 mph was the result. Still Bob George's design. 322 mph. Water cooled Barrels patented by Bob George.

Bob George built another liner on his own dime, the "Millenium Falcon", and we built the "robo-skids" for it and helped crew it in several trips to Bonneville, again with Dave Campos as the driver. Dave ended up getting a 200 mph gas record with it in testing and, at one point, Don Vesco was to ride it but Don convinced Dave to stay with the project. Bob spent every penny he had on it and finally had to sell it. Streamliners are a fatal disease, financially.

Bob George center in the red shirt. Kent Riches (Airtech) ended up with the chassis and shell. We kept the actual Eagle cum Falcon doll that rode with Dave. It goes with us each year to Bonneville. Mike Geokan ended up with a 93" engine from the last stages of the project and put it in his famous (retired) Blue Bike.


Bob George 230 MPH Shovelhead

Bob used to kick start his double engined Shovelhead dragster and reel off 145 mph quarter miles...about 40 years ago. Then it went to Bonneville with both Bob George and Dave Campos doing the riding.

Bob George's famous "Double"...231 mph Bonneville record holder in the early 1970's with Dave Campos riding. This bike was fragile but serious. It really got Dave's attention as he didn't really wind it out and the wind was pulling the lightweight fiberglass apart on his record run. Bob George in the white hat. Plywood bracing was added to keep the top of the windscreen from folding over at over 200 mph. Bob patented the water cooled cylinders.

In the late 80's and early 90's we were running 203 mph with our high tech Suzukis, 206 mph with our BMWs, and 199mph with Mike Geokan's Turbo Harley and here Bob George had gone 217 mph unfaired on the Double and Dave ran 231 mph with the fairing...about 20 years before we did it. Bob "lost" the Double for many years and when it was finally returned to him we ended up helping him restore it. Careful examination of it made us feel pretty stupid and made it clear you don't adapt things for build things for Bonneville. Bye, Bye Suzukis...back to pushrod dinosaurs. That's why we are working on Mike Geokan's Bonneville Bullett...another fatal disease.

We were to drive Bob and his ex wife Roberta Linn up to Bonneville in 2010 for Mike Cook's Shoot Out Meet but Bob's health had declined and he passed away in his rocking chair a few months later. We once asked Bob what the Double would run if it was brought up to modern specs...without hesitation he said "275mph"...think about it. It was a honor to work with him and know him.

Leo Hess has the "Double" these days. Leo also got bit big time by streamliners in a major crash in 2010. Salt addiction. Be warned.

Breaking News

For the latest information in the two wheeled market read the news that will impact your two-wheeled lifestyle in our new Breaking News Section. New Harley models, Harley's recession plans, Buell's disappearing act and the new Harley Predator Drone.

GPS Speedometer

On Harleys the speedometer is usually driven off of the transmission. If you spin the tire, change gear ratios, or even change tire sizes the speedometer is no longer accurate. Then there is the issue that the speedometers are not designed for 250 mph or even anything past 120 to 160 mph. This situation is not exactly made for Bonneville where you are running past 200 mph, spinning the tire, searching for traction, and putting 300 mph Goodyear Land Speed Record tires to the test.

We figured the best way out of this was to equip the Bonneville Bullett with a GPS (Global Positioning System) speedometer. When we checked around we found some GPS units for boats but nothing made for a 250 mph Bonneville Harley. The only option was to make a GPS Speedometer. Four satellites will triangulate the Bullett in three dimensional space and Mike can have a dead accurate speedometer that never needs to be calibrated.

Smokey Yunick..Innovator, Racer and More

These days people just buy parts and "go racing". They argue endlessly about "this and thats" : Which cam to run; Which cylinder head specialist to use; or who should do this or that for your project. Smokey did it all, and, along the way, left a trail of brilliant innovations and a reputation for original thinking that endures to this day. These days people have given up on learning and innovation and endlessly leaf through catalogs blissfully unaware of the underlying fundamentals. Drop out of school because it's too hard and skip the school of hard knocks...just remember because you were born you're "due".

As time passes, rules and organization strangle innovation and original thinkers. Run whatca brung philosophies are being left to street racers and places like Bonneville. For an interesting short read on Smokey we suggest a Untold Stories: Daytona about the early NASCAR days.

Why go to Mars when you can sit in front of your widescreen and watch the Disney Channel? Better yet, read some unedited (not cleaned up) books on Smokey's life.

These days people just buy parts agonizing as to whether they have made the right "Internet Choice" or not.

So much for first principles.

Buy the Damn Book...Or steal it if you're wearing tennis shoes

If you want to enjoy some history we suggest you purchase the three volume pocket edition set of Smokey Yunick's chronicles of his long racing career and life. There aren't many original thinkers around and most of them don't do a damn thing. Smokey was different and a genuine legend in American motorsport history. If you just happened on the scene we suggest you buy his books. It's the most entertaining and best investment you'll ever make.

Buy the books!!!!

Bonneville Porting

Whenever we do something serious like our 139" Bonneville ORCA motor we defer to the experts, especially when we are dealing with raw, unfinished ports the size of a dime. Branch O'Keefe is simply the best in the business and even Jerry Branch (retired) got involved in the decision making.

Take a look at some ports that about 90 years cumulative experience came up with. All John O'Keefe and Jerry Branch asked was what we thought the exhaust ports should be like in terms of flow based on our 30 years of turbocharger experience. We all agreed on a number and this is what the result was. Ports for 400+ horsepower.

If you want the best cylinder head work for your Twin Cam, Evo or even Shovelhead contact Branch O'Keefe. That's what we do and have done since 1976 when Jerry prepared our cylinder heads for the 24 hour Endurance racers we built and took to the 1977 Bol D'Or in France. John O'Keefe knows you don't want "down time" so he has an exchange program for cylinder heads.

Harley has made a lot of changes in their castings and it's best to go with Branch O'Keefe as differences in machining, alloys, and specifications can cause problems if you deal with porters who don't have the inventory and the experience. High Zinc content can cause issues.

John does not have "homing pigeons" like other outfits where seats come loose, the work is sloppy, or cheap valves that stick or gall are installed. He treats every head they produce as if it was his own. Sort of rare these days. John has a killer setup for 103" Dressers.

 Dual and Single RSR O2 Meters

Anodized Billet Mounts and Stainless Brackets are available for 1.00" and 1.250" handlebars. Dual laser cut brackets allow mounting at the handlebar clamp (horizontal) or on the upward sweep of the handlebars.

For EFi sequential injection our new RSR Dual Air Fuel Gauge displays the fuel mixture in both the front and rear cylinders separately. The gauge is housed in a hard anodized round enclosure in a standard 2" format with a 2.250" bezel, center back mount, with a 5/16" x 18 stainless socket head cap screw. The gauge will show fuel ratios from 17:1 to 12.0:1 (or richer). The gauge is visible in daylight and automatically dims for nighttime operation.

Scale is, left to right, lean to rich: three greens, three yellows, two orange and two red l.e.d.s.

The white arrow indicates the maximum power mixture, the second orange light, which is 13.2:1. Transitory enrichments should not, if the engine is warm (>200F Oil temp), go past the first red light. Readings at the far right side of the scale, the second red light, are simply too rich. Proper closed loop operation will cycle back and forth from green to orange around the center of the display.

It is simply the best way to evaluate the tune of your motorcycle and saves valuable dyno time. Mounted permanently. Waterproof.

Compatible with OEM narrowband sensors. Can be supplied with new high temperature Bosch narrowband sensors. Far right photo shows gauge in dim light conditions at maximum power setting.

History: RB Racing RSR ECUs (Discontinued In 2020)

RSR Fuel Injections hold the records and remain the only competition proven closed loop systems developed especially for both normally aspirated as well as forced induction Harley Davidsons. There were the first to set both 200 mph Bonneville records as well as National Pro Gas Drag Racing championships. New ECUs for 2008 maintain the technological lead and offer new features. Waterproof and Harley-proof they cannot be killed.

Only time kills things...microprocessors become obsolete. On to greater things.

DRAG RACING Section: Over the years RB Racing has Supported Top Fuel

Here we document Carl Pelletier's obsession with Top Fuel. We first met Carl at Bonneville in 1985 and 1990 and were impressed when he welded up a Nitrous damaged piston and, overnight, rebuilt a broken 5 speed transmission. Carl got tired of working for free at Bonneville and since those he was supporting declined any payment for services for the future, Carl moved on to drag racing...first in Pro Dragster and then to Top Fuel.

Carl had an open offer for us to tag along. We told him Nitro and clutches were a mystery and not something we intended to try to understand. We changed oil between rounds, did starting line duties, shagged ice cream, made some parts, and bought supplies for the usual explosions. Wild ride. E-Ticket.

Take a tour of what it takes to build a 200mph six second Top Fuel drag racing motorcycle. Join Carl Pelletier as he puts together his pushrod rocketship from bare chassis through the 2002 AHDRA season. We have posted four movies of Carl's progress from his maiden pass with the white bodywork shown above to the first season finale where Jack Romine ran a 6.95 @ 196 mph pass on the fully-painted Competition Motorcycles Top Fueler...and other movies leading to the win in Bakersfield and the last race at Las Vegas.

2004: Bakersfield AHDRA Nationals; Carl Pelletier and crew rack up their first overall win.

2005: Death of a Top Fuel Bike. Watch the movie and see what happens when the rider gets blown off the bike at 208 mph. Cracked wrist, compressed vertebrae, road rash and one crunched Top Fuel Bike. More pictures have been posted in the Top Fuel Section.

Dance with the Devil. Steve came home alive but the Competition Motorcycle's bike didn't. Funny thing about crashes...spectators love to see crashed bikes but other riders are afraid to look at them...Superstition and fear hide in every racer. Organizers ask you to cover up the wrecked bike...Wonder why?

Steve is home, walking around after two skin grafts and a two operations on his wrist. Carl of Competition Motorcycles is back in Boise, busy building race engines, and taking the fueler apart and making an inventory of things to do.

Top Fuel 2 & Nov 2006 and 2007 Update

Watch Carl Pelletier and crew build a new high gear only Pro Fuel Bike. Steve is back in a new set of leathers after his 208 mph tumble in 2005. Four slide shows showing everything from bare frame to first track test. Las Vegas track tests proved successful.


Watch Carl and crew fix this puppy. No, the valve is not supposed to be stuck up in the roof of the inlet port. We bought chromemoly to repair the frame.

Top Fuel Las Vegas 2011

Follow Steve Heidner on the Competition Motorcycles Top Fuel Motorcycle as he qualifies for and races at the NHRA meet in Las Vegas in November 2011.

Vegas 2010...Top Fuel

West Coast AHDRA events are about non-existant in today's economy so, if you want to race and you're on the West Coast, it's about 5,000 miles of driving before you get to the place where you can blow up your toy in search of a small purse. Less people are willing to do this. No Pomona, no Las Vegas, no Bakersfield...only Arizona and Woodburn. To get the NHRA interested in putting on a death-defying, crowd pleasing, nitro noise making addition to their event calendar, seventeen Top Fuelers were organized by Fast Lane Motorcycles to show what bikers can bring to the equation.

Carl Pelletier of Competition Motorcyles went to be part of the show and test some new equipment. Here's some photos.

2012 Las Vegas Top Fuel Harley


Joe Smith...The Drag Racing Legend and three time Top Fuel Motorcycle Champion 1971, 1974 and 1975, stopped by our pits to look at the bike and talk to Steve Heidner about what else...Drag Racing. Follow the links to Joe's web sites and see who paved the road in Harley Drag Racing at a time when you made it all work on your own nickel and when you had to make everything yourself...Single engined and double engined. Joe did it all and won. He still loves the sport. Once a champion always a champion.

11 Top Fuel Bikes showed up for the 2012 Lucas Oil event at Las Vegas. The NHRA has expanded it's schedule for the Top Fuel Harleys as they are very popular with the spectators as well as the car drag racers. Follow Steve Heidner and Carl Pelletier at the event.

2013 Las Vegas Top Fuel

Breathing Nitro fumes and running 6.53 and 204 mph Carl Pelletier and Steve Heidner are back at Las Vegas.Only a few races on the West Coast these days. Fifteen Top Fuelers to entertain the crowd. Addictions are expensive.

NHRA 2015 Winternationals...Harleys

Six Top Fuel Harleys wowed the crowd at the 2015 NHRA Winternationals. No points, just the invite to stir up interest for the crowd-pleasing Top Fuel Harleys at major NHRA events. Competition Motorcycles, Boise Idaho's Top Fueler. Craig Pelrine driving.

Ray Price's Top Fuel Harley ran a 6.3 second 229 mph quarter mile. Spectators swarmed the bike pits between rounds. Many had never seen riders going 200 mph on one wheel before. The common spectator question in Competition Motorcycle's pit was "Where do you find anyone who will ride these things?".

Note: As of 2016 Ray Price passed away and the team has closed shop. Another legend passes on, going out on winning note.